Yandex explored the Russian-speaking blogosphere.

    Internet, September 26, 2006. Yandex has released a newsletter on the structure and socio-demographic characteristics of the Russian blogosphere. All data is based on statistics from the Blog Search service .

    The full newsletter is available at .

    According to Yandex, as of September 2006, there are more than 1,150,000 blogs on Runet. The Russian-language blogosphere is growing exponentially: in 2005, only 20 new blogs appeared every hour, in 2006 - more than 100. On average, three new entries are created every second.

    Most authors of diaries (more than 60%) keep them on Russian blog hosting. A year ago, the situation was different: at that time there were more bloggers on American than on all Russian blog hosting sites combined. Today, Russian-speaking bloggers keep diaries on local services almost twice as willingly as on Western ones: every day about 1,400 new blogs appear on Russian blog hosts, and 750 on The

    four most popular blog hosting services among Russian bloggers are these are (44.78% of entries per day from all in the Russian-speaking blogosphere), (19.98%), (13.15%) and (7.34%).

    60% of Russian bloggers are women, 40% are men. The average age of a blogger is 21 years, and this is several years less than the age of an average Russian Internet user. The vast majority of bloggers are residents of millionaire cities. Almost 80% live in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

    In the blogosphere, both cultural and political events, as well as internal events, are interesting mainly for bloggers themselves. Of the socially significant events, in the summer of 2006, bloggers mostly discussed the Lebanese-Israeli war, the 2006 World Cup and the split of the Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine. And of the cultural events at this time, the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” was the most popular.

    Yandex Blog Search is a tool for navigating public opinion on the Internet. The service was opened almost two years ago, and in March 2006 a new version was launched. About half a million people use Yandex Blog Search every month.

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