Netflix will come to Russia in two years


    Netflix content provider does not cancel plans to enter the Russian market, despite the sanctions. This was confirmed by the vice president of the company Joris Evers at the Panasonic Convention 2015. Evers noted the company's special interest in the Russian market due to its large volume. He also promised to open a business in our country for two years.

    The plans of the global business development strategy are to expand the presence of Netflix in as many countries as possible. Netflix recently began broadcasting in Cuba, and announced that it would open in the Czech Republic and Slovakia no later than 2016.

    Netflix provides users with paid access to video content, movies, TV shows. There are also exclusive series - the company removes them at its own expense or acquires rights to them. Among the well-known exclusives are “House of Cards”, “Better Call Saul” and “Marco Polo”. Recently it became known about the company's work on the series based on the series of games "The Legend of Zelda".

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