Local news video content: what works, what doesn't

    A student at the University of Minnesota, Vadim Lavrusik, as part of his thesis, analyzed ( .pdf, 418 Kb ) the sites of several regional media outlets for their use of news video content. Here are some useful insights from his research.

    Which video content is in demand:
    1. Detailed report. Practice shows that shooting on the ground helps to better convey the meaning of the news and convey the atmosphere of the event. Consumers are happy to watch the video accompanying, explaining the text narration.
    2. Urgent news. Most editors argue that even unprocessed, unmounted, low-quality video is in high demand when it comes to hot news.
    3. Local topics. This is exactly what local consumers want and expect. A video can be about anything, if only it shows realities familiar to the viewer - a familiar landscape, familiar people, problems related to the immediate territory.

    What content needs improvement, or which can be thrown away at all:

    1. Federal news. They simply are not in such demand as the locals. So instead of buying federal news content, direct the money to producing your own.
    2. Talking heads. A boring video of “talking heads” is not in demand. On the Internet, the user is not limited in his actions, as in front of the TV. Accordingly, the video will not wait until the end.
    3. Long episodes. The video should be about 2 minutes long. Stretched reporting and talking room are unacceptable. The video should be strictly on the topic, lengthy reasoning should be prohibited.

    Which video content requires additional analysis:

    1. Custom content. It helps build a community on the site. Most editors have expressed interest in using such content. The only question is whether users will still upload videos to Youtube, or go to your site.
    2. Live. It is expected that this will become a chip of the next level of development of local online media. It will also help strengthen the position of local media in competition with federal ones.

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