Secrets of IT press business, donkey exhibitions are booming?

    Remember this joke?

    Announced an exhibition of donkeys in the city. They enclosed the place, sold tickets, people came, wandered around a bit and asked each other:

    - And where are the donkeys?

    So it reminds me very much of what is happening in the IT Press.

    They bring together representatives of IT vendors at a round table, for the money of course, they speak to each other there. Although the word here is not very correct. They read the presentations and at the same time do not even leave time for questions. And actually, why answer questions.
    All speakers are photographed.
    Then the organizers, using the great skills of folding retelling of other people's thoughts, make a large article. The article is decorated with insets - quotes - expert opinion. In the article, the place is allocated in accordance with the purchased tickets. Those. the photo of the general sponsor will go first, and there will be more than one, and his "expert" opinion will also go first.
    Then all this is published on the site and sent to IT vendors to see. How beautiful they turned out and how beautiful the inserts with direct speech look.
    Then all the collected articles are printed and published in the form of a magazine and sent again to IT vendors.
    It seems that business processes have been established, what is there to complain about? Yes, nothing to complain about.

    One question remains - where is the client?

    The client is offered a magazine subscribe for money. But since it is not published regularly, and there is nothing interesting there. In addition to photos of annoying sellers, and the same marketing materials, only rewritten from words, there is no reason to sign for money.
    Read articles on the site? Well, yes you can, but you still need to find it, since they rarely appear on the main page.
    Walking around these round tables, well yes, what else remains, everything is better than working then. And here is the reason to work off and roll home early.

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