Blogs and journalists: when will the boundaries of misunderstanding disappear?

    On October 4, Dan Gillmore, director of the Center for Public Media (a joint project of the Center for the Study of the Internet and the Society of Harvard University and the Faculty of Journalism of the University of Berkeley, California), arrived in Yekaterinburg, author of the book “We the media” (We-media: People’s Journalism - created by people for people).

    The meeting was organized by Delovoy Kvartal. The topic of blogs was discussed at a round table: can they be used as a professional tool and whether journalists need them.

    After the meeting, a very active discussion ensued on the topic “Does a journalist need a blog?”

    Here are some quotes from the discussion, opinions expressed by journalists

    The activity of journalists on blogs just like that out of nowhere. The sense of being present in the blogosphere appears only when it is filled with people of interest to a journalist, and not just teenagers in the puberty period. Serious people just started using blogs - someone in an attempt to repulse an information attack like Boris Dyakonov, someone just out of curiosity. When there will be a lot of such people, then the journalists will be pulled up to spud them.

    Even if I go out through a portal / blog to a new good respondent, I’ll still get further offline communication. And I will not make new acquaintances through the portal. Because I know a more efficient way, not so labor-consuming - again, offline. If the old respondents are sick of me, then I’ll call them and ask: “who else can I talk to?” Such social networks are built in this grandfather way - no one dreamed of a blog. “To collect such a database online will also have to work” - an incorrect phrase. You can not inflate a tire by blowing into a valve. A pump is needed. And if you wanted to kiss, the pump won’t help, your lips turn out better.

    The author of these lines also took part in the discussion, who actively defended the position that the journalist needed blogs and that he should use them for professional purposes.

    The full discussion can be found here.

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