Video ad market in Russia: $ 1 million in 2007

    The amount of expenses for video advertising in Runet will not exceed the figure of $ 1 million, according to a study by MindShare Interaction. Video advertising in Russia is at the initial stage of its development, and its popularity will only grow actively by the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.

    Video banners in RuNet are the most popular with automotive brands and manufacturers of various electronic equipment, the study said.

    “Using video banners in online campaigns is effective if there is a really interesting and eye-catching video footage,” said Dmitry Ashmanov, CEO of MindShare Interaction.

    “In Russia, video content is still at the initial stage of its development, and only its wide distribution, from Internet television to video blogs, will allow video advertising to enter a new stage. Today we are observing how all the prerequisites are created for this. Video services on portals are actively developing, news and analytical online publications are working on launching video applications, production studios and companies are creating successful animated video projects for the Internet. ”

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