At the initiative of German Klimenko, the ministers will discuss the prospects of creating a “Russian Amazon”

    According to Interfax, yesterday, March 25, 2015, German Klimenko, chairman of the Council of the Internet Development Institute, raised the question of why there is no domestic analogue of services such as Amazon in Russia.

    “And where is our“ Russian Amazon? ” There is Alibaba, there is Ebay, they are now delivering hundreds of thousands of parcels to the territory of Russia, but nothing is going backwards. It seems that nothing is being produced in Russia, nothing is being sold, ”complains Klimenko.

    Dmitry Strashnov, General Director of FSUE Russian Post, made a proposal to arrange a workshop and invite ministry representatives there who could influence the decision to create the “Russian Amazon”.

    Klimenko believes that in resolving the issue “three structures are involved: the Central Bank; FCS, which should process this quickly; and a structure affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, which must state that the product being shipped is not a cultural item. ”

    “I propose to hold a working meeting together with the Federal Customs Service (FCS) and simply disassemble the whole algorithm for exporting such single products, invite Ebay there,” Strashnov said at an extended meeting of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, which was held yesterday in State Duma.

    Strashnov and Klimenko believe that this is an important problem, "which has never been raised by anyone."

    This is not only about the lack of Russian Internet services that could compete with foreign e-commerce services at least in the Russian market, but also that we do not use a promising channel for exporting goods abroad.

    Klimenko wrote on his facebook :

    “Retail export is an important and second topic of today's meeting. I tried to formulate that without the ability of customs to throw single parcels abroad at the lowest price (which our foreign friends Alibaba, Ebey, etc. learned to do a long time ago) our Russian Amazon cannot be built. ”

    Recall that German Klimenko, founder of, headed the Council of the Internet Development Institute, which began workabout two weeks ago. One of the priorities of the new organization is to help domestic Internet companies to effectively interact with the government.

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