The new Firefox browser for residents of Turkey: Google will replace the default search with the search “Yandex”

    According to RBC, Mozilla Corporation agreed to set the default search for Yandex in the Firefox browser for residents of Turkey. Earlier in this country, the default search was set to Google in the Firefox browser settings.

    As representatives of Mozilla write in the company’s blog, the Yandex search was tested on a sample of 10 thousand users. “When Yandex was offered to Turkish users instead of Google, most of them stayed with Yandex,” the Yandex press service said.

    The changes will affect both the desktop version of Firefox, and mobile. The browser works under such families of operating systems as Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. An agreement between Mozilla and Yandex has been signed, and Firefox will be updated on March 30, 2015. The terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

    Yandex entered the Turkish market in 2011 by launching the portal to promote maps and a navigator. This was the company's first attempt to enter the foreign market.

    According to comScore studies, in January 2015 the share of the Yandex search engine in Turkey on desktop computers did not exceed 4.2%, while the share of Google reaches 97.3%, taking into account mobile devices. According to StatCounter as of February 2015, only 6.5% of users use the Firefox browser in Turkey, and 70% use Google Chrome.

    The company agreed on the installation of the default search “Yandex” in the Firefox browser for residents of Russia back in November 2014. At the same time, Mozilla changed its strategy regarding the installation of search: before that, the default search was common (Google) for all countries, and now this issue is solved individually in each country. So, in the USA, the default search is Yahoo, in China - Baidu, in Turkey there will now be Yandex, and Google is installed for other countries.

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