The top 50 fastest growing companies included 5 Russian

    Switzerland has published a list of the 50 fastest growing high-tech companies. It included 5 Russian startups: Avito, Media, KupiVIP, Lamoda and Ozon .

    75% of all companies from the rating were founded in the last 10 years. The average time from the founding of the company to the first stage of financing is three and a half years. On average, companies went through four stages of investment. The total number of investors on the list of 50 companies is 223. Of the 50 startups, 47 were funded by at least one investor from the United States.

    The main criteria for inclusion in the rating were the company's growth indicators from the day it was founded to the current moment. 366 startups claimed to participate. Of these, companies were selected with revenues of more than $ 10 million a year, sales growth of 50% from 2011 to 2014 and a value of more than $ 100 million. Then, out of the remaining 148 applicants, the ad hoc committee selected 50 of the fastest growing and best-performing startups.

    The commission includes Alexander Galitsky, Almaz Capital . A full list of companies is published on the site .

    Distribution in the ranking by country.

    Distribution by sector.

    Distribution by type of investor.

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