In 2014, the Russian e-commerce market grew by a third: reasons and forecasts

    According to CNews, the Russian e-commerce market over the past year has grown by 31%. This happened in connection with the spread of the Internet in the regions and the development of mobile Internet.

    According to the report of the Association of Internet-trading companies (AKIT), in 2014 the volume of the Russian online-trading market reached 713 billion rubles, which is one third more than in 2013 (544 billion rubles).

    According to CNews own estimates, in 2014 the volume of the Internet trading market in Russia amounted to $ 18.6 billion in dollar terms ($ 1 = 38, 42 rubles). In 2013, this figure was $ 1.5 billion less - $ 17.1 billion ($ 1 = 31.85 rubles).

    The distribution of expenses for online store customers in 2014 turned out to be as follows: 464 billion rubles were spent on tangible goods, and 249 billion - on intangible ones. Compared to 2013, the share of tangible goods increased by 67%.

    The volume of online sales in Russia, billion rubles.


    “The leader in 2014 was retained by the Electronics and Household Appliances segment: its trade volume amounted to 184.257 billion rubles. and showed a steady increase of 41.6% compared to 2013. The largest sales growth for 2014 was observed in three categories: telephones and smartphones (63%), consumer electronics (63.4%) and large household appliances (55.8%), ” said AKIT President Denis Lyudkovsky.

    The main reasons for the growth in 2014 are the increase in the number of Internet users in the regions and the intensive development of mobile Internet. Thus, the number of Internet users increased by 6.2% (up to 73 million people). But purchases in online stores made 40 million, which, nevertheless, is 10 million more than in 2013. And over 20% of users used mobile devices to make purchases last year. According to a survey , in 2013, 55.3% of customers paid for purchases in online stores with a card, in 2014 this figure increased to 61.7%.

    The most popular online store in Russia is Ozon. In second place is Yulmart.


    According to AKIT data for 2014, the number of orders that Russians make in foreign online stores increased by 115% (to 80 million units) with an average check of $ 25- $ 150. But 80% of orders with an average bill of $ 25- $ 30 are in China. This is largely due to the active growth of Russian customers in the online store AliExpress, which is part of the Chinese company Alibaba Group.

    The total amount spent by Russians in foreign online stores for 2014 amounted to $ 6 billion. While in 2013 this figure reached only $ 3.5 billion.

    According to analysts at J'son & Partners Consulting, in 2015 the volume of Russian the online trading market in monetary terms will decrease by 5%.

    Due to the weakening ruble, a decrease in the share of cross-border trade is expected.

    According to experts, in 2015 the growth of online hypermarkets with a mixed assortment of goods will increase.

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