Russia Partners Fund sells part of its shares in

    VTB Capital Investment Bank, on behalf of the group, put up for sale part of the shares of Russia Partners, which owns 40% of the shares of This was reported by Vedomosti with reference to representatives of companies with which the terms of the proposal have already been discussed. One of these conditions is the right of the founders to retain a controlling stake.

    The assessment of the entire group is $ 40-60 million according to rumors, which, however, were refuted by the general director of Philip Ilyin-Adaev. Other sources believe that the group itself is not interested in the deal: “ has enough free funds for development, it does not need investments.” Group is the largest information resource in the field of banking services in Russia. In 2014, the field of activity of the resource expanded due to the promotion of insurance services. In the development plans of, by the end of 2015, it will grow to the largest aggregator of insurance products in Runet. In addition to the main resource, the group includes and Finparty, (Belarus) and (Ukraine).

    Last year, the group’s consolidated revenue increased by 35% and reached 570 million rubles. The profitability of the group increased from 24% to 35% for the year.

    The reasons for the increase in revenue are an audience growth of more than 100% and the profit from the new “Special Offers” service. In a special section, banks post information on deposits on special conditions, and the group receives an agency commission. In 2014, resource users made deposits on special conditions in the amount of 14.5 billion rubles.

    The share of the founders in the group is 60%, while the share of Russia Partners is still 40%. Sources familiar with the negotiations told Kommersant that Russia Partners were in no hurry to part with the shares, but were ready to partially withdraw from the group’s capital if they were offered a good deal: “If not, they will, because they believe in multiple business growth in the coming years. ”

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