Microsoft is not going to kill Internet Explorer

    Microsoft is currently working on a new browser, code-named “Project Spartan.” This browser will work in Windows 10, the company's new operating system, and many users of previous versions of the OS are interested in what will happen to Internet Explorer when the new version of the browser is released. Some media have voiced the opinion that Microsoft is going to "kill" the brand of Internet Explorer, in fact, this is not so.

    Windows 10 developers have confirmed that Internet Explorer will also be included in the distribution of the new OS. But now IE will be on the sidelines after Project Spartan. In turn, the new browser after the release will receive a different name.

    A Microsoft spokesperson told Business Insider that "Project Spartan is a next-generation browser designed exclusively for Windows 10." At the same time, work with IE will continue.

    Apparently, Microsoft will gradually move away from the IE brand, which causes negative associations for many users. At the same time, the corporation will attract the attention of users to a new project.

    Project Spartan was first announced simultaneously with Windows 10. The browser has a new design and engine, also has integration with Cortana. The browser allows the user to work more efficiently with web pages thanks to this integration: Cortana will be able to search the page for phone numbers, addresses and other useful information for the user.

    Windows 10 with Project Spartan will be released at the end of the astronomical summer of 2015 (September 23) and will be released in 190 countries in 111 languages.

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