Demand for machinery in Russia falls despite holidays

    According to Kommersant , the holidays, February 23rd and March 8th, took place in Russia without much growth in demand for equipment. Usually the situation is somewhat different, but this year the demand for equipment did not rise very actively. Probably the reason is the crisis and the desire of buyers to save money. Moreover, the decline in demand is expressed in units of goods sold, but the market volume in monetary terms is growing. This is due to the devaluation of the ruble.

    Different companies selling equipment, the situation is also different. For example, Candy's washing machine sales fell 30%. This was stated by Anton Kharin, Managing Director of the company in Russia.

    In M.Video, sales of budget categories of devices doubled: mp3 players, electronic readers, photo frames. In addition, sales of budget smartphones are also growing, growth in this category amounted to 45%.

    Euroset reports that from February 9 to March 8 this year 3 million phones, smartphones and tablets were sold in Russia. In unit terms, this is 3% (100 thousand devices) less than last year. But in monetary terms, sales rose to 22 billion rubles, which is 16% more than last year. Vice-president of the company Viktor Lukanin said that during the holiday week the smartphone market declined by 5% in quantitative terms, and grew by 10% in cash. The market for cell phones declined by 28% in real terms and increased by 25% in cash, tablets — by 1% in units and sales in rubles increased by 21%.

    The “re: Store” chain confirms the drop in unit sales of smartphones and tablets. But the network's revenue on holidays grew by 49%.

    Another retail chain shows iPhone sales falling 25%. The company attributes the fall to a 70% rise in smartphone prices.

    Samsung Corporation to increase sales decided to reduce marketing payments to retailers, lowering the price of products. This is done so as not to lose market share in a falling market. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, therefore, is now sold for 45 thousand rubles, which is 5 thousand rubles than at the beginning of the year.

    For the fourth quarter of 2014, sales of household and computer equipment showed maximum growth for the entire monitoring period. So, over this period, sales in monetary terms exceeded 500 billion rubles. But in January, sales fell, and according to experts, there is a likelihood that after April, a drop in market volume will begin in monetary terms.

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