MIPT graduates in 2 years created the largest skype school in Russia

    According to RBC, in just 2 years, Georgy Solovyov and Khariton Matveev created the largest online English language school in Russia. A high level of standardization of education was achieved, but for this I had to take a chance and invest $ 260,000, which, of course, did not exist at yesterday’s graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

    It all started with the fact that George Solovyov once noticed an obvious thing: in smaller cities, individual English classes are much cheaper than in Moscow. So he came up with the idea to create a Skype-school of English, which he proposed to classmates in 2012: Khariton Matveev, Denis Smetnev and Andrei Yaunzem.

    At the initial stage, the State Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises invested 400,000 rubles in their project.

    When new investments were required, Soloviev and Matveev turned to Alexander Laryanovsky, at that time Yandex Director for International Development, who was then learning English. However, he was very skeptical about Skype classes.

    The key in relations with Laryanovsky was the moment when he learned that Solovyov and Matveyev received $ 30,000 for 10% of their company Modern Educational Solutions from the British hedge fund GLG Partners. “I respected them,” recalls Laryanovsky.


    Alexander Laryanovsky invested $ 300,000 in the SkyEng project in October 2013.

    Reflecting on the further development of the project, entrepreneurs noticed that traditional schools have good teaching methods, but a poor understanding of the integration of the educational process with IT. On the other hand, training Internet projects with good design and advanced technologies pay little attention to observing teaching standards. It was decided to combine the advantages of these two types of schools in SkyEng.

    So the platform for virtual training Vimbox was developed, the test version of which was launched in June last year. The investments that were required for its development, Laryanovsky estimates at $ 260,000.

    Vimbox allows you to standardize the learning process, exchange teaching materials, as well as keep statistics of lessons and even select a teacher for the student based on psychological compatibility.

    In addition, a special monitoring system gives methodologists the opportunity to monitor the progress of the lesson, help and correct the teacher in real time.

    SkyEng counselors provide educators with pre-prepared recommendations and verify that they work according to the lesson plan.

    So far, Vimbox is used for 60% of SkyEng lessons. The creators of the platform plan to increase this figure to 90% in six months.

    Currently, 160 educators work in SkyEng, 60% of which are Russian-speaking, and most of them live in the regions. The teacher earns 40-50 thousand rubles a month, subject to an eight-hour daily load. The number of students reaches 1,600. One 50-minute lesson with a Russian-speaking teacher costs 630-670 rubles, and with a native speaker 1330-1470 rubles.

    Sales margin of SkyEng, according to Laryanovsky, reaches 20%. Revenues last year increased 4 times and reached 39.5 million rubles.

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