The best university campuses in Russia: live, study and relax

    Choosing a university to study, many students miss one of the most important factors - the quality of student life. But the university campus, or campus, is one of the components of a full-fledged student learning and relaxation. The environment plays a vital role in how the student feels during his studies and how much he is satisfied with his education.


    We have selected five of the most modern campuses in Russia [many photos]

    Siberian Federal University

    Where is: Krasnoyarsk
    Campus structure: was formed in 2006 by combining the four largest universities in the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is envisaged that the campus will occupy 650 hectares, and 22 objects will be built on its territory. The campus includes educational buildings, a library building with storage facilities for 3 million volumes, a sports complex, a congress hall, student dormitories, service housing for teachers, hotels, a cinema complex and shops. At the moment, a new student dormitory and two educational buildings have been built, where the Institute of Space and Information Technologies, the Humanitarian Institute, the Institute of Philology and Language Communication and the Institute of Urban Planning and Regional Economics are located.
    What are taught:The list of educational programs is the most diverse - from physical and mathematical sciences to design. A complete list is available here .

    New building of SFU

    Scientific library of Siberian Federal University

    New hostel with a capacity of 600 beds

    Far Eastern Federal University

    Where is: Russky Island, which is about 10 km from the city of Vladivostok.
    History and structure of the campus: in 2012, after the APEC Summit, the entire infrastructure built in preparation for the event was transferred to the FEFU. The total area of ​​the campus is more than 1,200,000 sq.m., it includes 11 buildings of a student dormitory, educational buildings, administrative buildings and sports infrastructure.
    What they teach: the university is rightly called the flagship of education in the Far East. The list of educational programs is so great that I would have to devote more than one page to it, so here is a link for those interested.

    Main building

    Student dormitory complex

    University Stadium

    Kazan (Volga) Federal University

    Where it is: Kazan
    History and structure of the campus: after the 2013 World Student Games held in Kazan, KFU inherited 20 residential buildings of the “Universiade Village” built specifically for this grand event.
    What they teach: like every federal university, the educational programs of KFU cover all areas of the exact and humanitarian sciences. Priority areas: new materials, fundamental medicine and oil and gas technologies. The full list can be found here .

    Learning Campus

    New University Dormitories

    Astronomical Observatory. V.P. Engelhardt KFU, reconstructed in 2013

    Northeast Federal University named after M.K. Ammosova

    Where it is: Yakutsk city
    Campus structure: NEFU was officially created on the basis of Yakutsk State University named after Ammosov in April 2010. The new university includes 40 educational and laboratory buildings, a cultural center, an athletics arena, a swimming pool, a dispensary, a ski base and a scientific library. The total area of ​​the hostels is more than 88,000 sq.m.
    What they teach: The university prepares a wide range of specialists - both psychologists and linguists, and professionals in the field of energy and gas business.

    Main building

    New hostel

    University Prevention

    Innopolis University

    Where is: the city ​​of Innopolis, 40 km. from the city of Kazan.
    History and structure of the campus: the campus of the new Russian university consists of an educational and laboratory building, 4 dormitory buildings and a sports complex. The total area is more than 35,000 sq.m. The modern architecture of this ensemble is more likely not reminiscent of Russian analogues, but the best examples of modern campuses in Europe, Asia and the USA.
    What are taught:The university positions itself as a university specializing exclusively in information technology. The curriculum of the University of Software Engineering, Cyber ​​Security, Data Sciences and Robotics was created jointly with leading technological universities of the world, such as Carnegie Mellon University, Singapore National University and others. You can find detailed information here .

    Educational laboratory building

    Dormitories and a warm transition to the educational building

    This is how our five best campuses in Russia turned out. And which Russian campuses would you include in this shot list?

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