HOTLINE: +1 channel of communication with your client

    Today we will talk about one of our applications. Why is it better with him than without him.


    Let's say you work for company X. You are fine. The company does too. What is needed - is sold, what is - works. But no more.
    How to make a business flourish and play with bright colors?
    First of all, to interest the client. Find a person who is ready to buy your services and recommend them to others.

    How to keep such a client? How to build a strong trusting relationship with him?

    The client of our time

    To become closer to the client, you need to figure out what he is.
    What is your client like?

    1. Call me, call me
    In most cases, this is a little arrogant, sometimes intrusive person. The idea to call, ask for help or just talk can come to his mind quite suddenly. He wants to be able to reach you even late at night. Around the clock and for free.

    2. Client - dressed in a hundred fur coats.
    Modern client spoiled by attention. He is always surrounded by a lot of offers. He will have to be treated politely, even if he does not reciprocate.

    3. Wait for me - and I'll be back.
    The client wants to feel caring. He wants to be the only and very necessary. Raise it above the rest - and he will forget about the small nuances and competitive offers, basking in the rays of his own fantasies and raised self-esteem.

    4. Eating served
    The client does not want to strain. He loves when a dish is brought ready. And fast. Speed ​​is one of the most important criteria for a modern person.

    5. On the Internet with a head
    What does your client do in his spare time? Chatting in iPhones, not letting go of gadgets? Become available to the client in the familiar space. Pour your applications into the Apple Store and Google Play - show that you are ready to work with a fashionable modern client who always has a mobile device at hand.
    What's next?

    It turns out that our client is a modern, spoiled, but in need of caress and attention user. How to get closer to him?

    Find an additional communication channel, convenient and original. We have an offer!


    This is a simple and convenient mobile application for your customers. It will help them quickly and free of charge call your office or call center from anywhere in the country and the world. With the help of HOTLINE you can send informational and advertising notifications to users.

    For the user

    • Using HOTLINE is very simple - to make a call to your company, just install the application and click on one button.
    • The user of the application may receive important informational or advertising notifications from you.
    • The client can also receive personal alerts. To do this, he needs to confirm his phone number.
    • The application works via the Internet (Wi-Fi / 3G / LTE).

    For your company

    • When an incoming call, the subscriber number is automatically determined on your device.
    • Newsletter - an additional channel of communication with your client.
    • Sending PUSH notifications does not contradict the latest version of the Law on Advertising.
    • Customized design to suit your preferences or corporate identity.

    How to use HOTLINE?

    Surely you have a number 8-800, and incoming calls cost the company a decent amount. Want to cut costs by two, three, ten times?
    HOTLINE functionality is not inferior to the number 8-800, on the contrary, they significantly benefit - users can make free calls from any country. More than 80% of your customers use smartphones, for them it will be a familiar and convenient service.

    SMS Newsletter You
    may also be spending significant amounts on SMS newsletters. Here, too, you can save a lot.
    Send HOTLINE users PUSH notifications instead of SMS. These notifications can be made general for all users - tariff changes or promotions - and personalized - for example, balance sheet or transactions. Notifications are attached to the user's phone number and pass through a secure protocol, so you should not worry about their privacy.

    Who is using HOTLINE?

    For tourism business - a client can call you at an office from another country for free.
    For banks - you can organize a call center and send free notifications about the balance.
    For taxi service - the client can call the car and receive notifications with information about the trip.
    For restaurants and cafes - you can accept the order and provide delivery information with a notification.
    For online stores - the buyer will easily contact you, product information can be sent in the form of notifications.

    Many successful companies have already created their applications. The main customers of such firms are the multimillion-dollar audience of smartphone owners.
    Communicate with the client in a form convenient for him, and he will be more willing to respond to your suggestions!

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