IIPA recommends Russia to be listed as copyright infringer

    According to the Vedomosti newspaper, the US Trade Representative has published a new document called List 301, which lists major Internet resources that, in the opinion of the agency, violate copyright.

    For several years in a row, such Russian projects as Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Rutracker.org have been on this list. This year, Odnoklassniki was not included in the list.

    Despite the fact that VKontakte has changedowner, intellectual property rights there are still being violated. In the fall of 2014, Mail.ru Group purchased a 48% stake in the project for $ 1.47 billion and became its sole owner. It was expected that this deal would have a positive impact on the policy of the social network in relation to piracy. So far, the expectations have not been met, although representatives of the social network claim that they are already fighting piracy. For example, they began to remove content at the request of the copyright holder.

    In 2013, access to resources such as Rutracker.org, rutor.org, and nnm-club.me was restricted due to a violation of the “anti-piracy law”. However, in the summer of 2014, Roskomnadzor experts reported that access to these resources would be restored, since they had removed all illegal content.

    However, in the USA they think differently and put Rutracker.org and similar resources on the “301 list” every year. In Russia, Rutracker.org ranks 17th among Internet resources.

    According to the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), Russia should be included in the list of malicious violators of intellectual property rights, despite the fact that it joined the WTO and pledged to protect the rights of authors and combat Internet piracy.

    In the anti-piracy law were made amendments according to which the sites will be prosecuted with pirated music, software and illegal placement of text books. Previously, only films were the objects of protection.

    The updated law will enter into force on May 1, 2015.

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