Coub creator criticizes Russian industry media

    Coub founder , co-founder of Look At Me, and former head of Nimbler design studio Anton Gladkoborodov posted a critical message on industry media on his Facebook page.
    I am not complaining, we certainly are not deprived of attention. They regularly write about us, I gave a bunch of interviews over the past two years. One way or another, everyone wrote about us. But I'm at a loss. I don’t understand how to get past the big news, especially in the press, which is about “technology”.
    In particular, Anton Gladkoborodov mentions projects with Russian founders, news of which, in his opinion, appear depressingly rare on the pages of leading Internet media that write in Russian.
    And you might think that projects need you. But no, it's all you crap, and projects are doing fine. All of them are doing fine. This is Kuida in Y-Combinator, this is King of Thieves 2M in the first 5 days, this is Stavitsky who sold Bubl. And you need this, because only by creating your own stars, spinning up projects with your audience will you be strong. But you are waiting for when the Russian project shoots in the west or sells to Google. But in this case, you will reprint this news from Techcranch.

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    Is Anton Gladkoborodov right in criticizing Russian industry media?

    • 72.9% Yes 356
    • 11% No 54
    • 15.9% Difficult to answer 78

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