IPhone prices in Russia are rising, but sales are not falling

    According to analysts from RBC , sales of Apple smartphones after a sharp increase in prices in rubles not only did not fall, but even increased. A report by research company GfK shows that in January-February of the new year, sales of Apple smartphones grew by about 12%, if we take into account the growth in ruble revenue, this figure was 53%.

    It is worth noting that after the Russian ruble began to fall against the dollar, Apple held a two-stage price increase. Initially, prices for the company's products were raised by 20-25% (at the end of November), and then, in December, another 30%.

    But this is a rise in prices at Apple itself, retailers did not always raise the prices for smartphones of a California company so sharply. For example, the Yulmart online technology store initially tried to raise prices on a par with Apple's price level, but then it was decided to change the pricing policy. Now, for example, the iPhone 6 16 GB in Yulmart costs 49,990 rubles, and on the corporation's website - 53,990 rubles. As a result, Yulmart’s iPhone sales grew 40% in January and 70% in February.

    Drop probability remains

    However, according to the same company GfK, the share of Apple smartphones in the domestic market, if you use the calculation of the number of devices sold, is reduced. So, in January this year, the share of Apple smartphones sold decreased, compared with last January. The drop is still small, and amounts to only 1% (now the share of Apple smartphones is 9%, and last year this figure reached 10%). Last year, 27.47 million smartphones shipped to Russia for a total of 6.321 billion US dollars. The market grew by 46% in physical terms and by 17% in money terms.

    It is worth noting that Apple's competitors, for example, Samsung, did not raise prices so sharply, so now Apple's share in the Russian smartphone market continues to decline.

    Expensive devices continue to be sold at the same level

    Yes, despite the general increase in prices in rubles for equipment, sales of flagship models practically do not fall. Moreover, the demand for some devices, for example, Sony smartphones with a price higher than 20 thousand rubles, even increased significantly - by about 30%. Smartphone sales of another company - the South Korean giant Samsung, rose 1.3 times. For this indicator, the Koreans are still leading.

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