In 2014, the online advertising market in Russia increased by 20%

    A survey was recently published at Megamind among representatives of advertising agencies regarding forecasts for the development of the online advertising market in 2015. This survey also cited the opinions of respondents regarding the situation in the past, 2014. The survey results are very interesting, because the answers are given by those who, figuratively speaking, are part of the online advertising market in Russia.

    But what does official statistics say? Portal Cnews published an analysis of the Russian advertising market in 2014. The results, despite all the problems that were felt in the past year, and are felt in this, are rather optimistic. It turns out that last year the online advertising market in Russia grew by 20% in monetary terms.

    At the same time, the main “drivers of progress” were contextual and video advertising, but banner advertising continues to lose ground, and last year it showed negative dynamics.

    As for the total volume of the online advertising market, in 2014 in Russia it grew to 81.4 billion rubles. As mentioned above, this is 20% more than in 2013. According to experts at J'son & Partners Consulting, the average annual market growth from 2012 to 2015 will be 16.5%. “Today, the online advertising market is growing at the fastest rate compared to other segments of the country's advertising market, such as advertising in the media, on radio and television. The main driver of the Internet advertising market worldwide is the growth of the Internet audience. Despite the unstable economic situation in Russia, online advertising is showing positive dynamics, primarily due to contextual advertising, as well as due to video advertising, ”commented the company's analysts.

    As for the volumes of each of the market segments, for example, the volume of such a segment as video advertising increased from 4.9 billion rubles from 2012 to 2014. In 2015, according to analysts, growth will continue, reaching a value of 20%.

    Market volume of online advertising in the Russian Federation, billion rubles

    As for the total volume of the media advertising segment in 2014, it amounted to approximately 17 billion rubles.

    Contextual advertising in Russia, distribution by segments.

    As you can see, the largest segment in 33% was occupied by, a slightly smaller segment was occupied by Yandex, with 19%.

    As for the growth rates of display advertising over the past year, they slowed down somewhat. However, growth continues. But with banner advertising, the situation is different - here we see a negative trend. According to analysts, the main problem is the economic situation in Russia.

    “The potential for growth in the online advertising market due to the rapid growth of the audience has already been exhausted, and in a situation of crisis and economic stagnation, advertisers who operate with large budgets translate them into television advertising, due to which the media advertising segment falls. The exception is video advertising, which is the most dynamic segment of the market, in particular due to advertising on OTT (Over The Top) video services, ”experts at J'son & Partners Consulting said.

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