The use of electronic wallets can be limited for 90% of Russians who do not have an account on the public services website

    The Government of the Russian Federation decided to involve its citizens in more active work with the portal of public services. Now, those who still do not have an account on the public services website will probably still have to get it, because for each operation through payment terminals or electronic wallets worth more than 15 thousand rubles, users will have to indicate not only the payment password of the electronic system (if one is installed), but also the password of the public services portal, Izvestia reports . This norm is contained in the draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on the procedure for the simplified identification of individual customers.

    Meanwhile, on the official portal page on Facebook, a significant increase in the number of users is reported. So, in 2014 the number of new accounts increased by 6 million, which is 2 times more than in 2013. Of these, 13% of users passed the simplified registration procedure, 22% have a verified profile and 65% have a verified one. The average daily number of site visits in 2014 also increased by 7%. The total number of portal users as of December 31 of last year amounted to 13 million people (about 13% of the economically active population of the country). Most likely, the government found these figures not high enough.

    We are talking about connecting financial and credit institutions and payment services to a unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA) - one of the blocks of the "Electronic Government" of Russia, which is also responsible for user access to the public services portal .

    At the moment, in accordance with the Federal Law on Amendments to Certain Normative Acts of the Russian Federation N110 dated 05/05/2014 (the changes affected Federal Law N115 on 08/07/2001) to carry out monetary transactions worth more than 15 thousand rubles. Individual clients of financial institutions must pass identification (full or simplified), during which information on the name and passport data is confirmed.

    The law provides 3 ways of simplified identification:
    • providing the original or a certified copy of the passport (assumes a personal appearance at a financial institution);
    • by checking with the data of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (according to SNILS), the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (by the number of the insurance policy) or the Tax Service (by the taxpayer identification number);
    • using ESIA - with the help of an electronic signature (in the event that the identity of the citizen was established upon the issue of the signature key).

    However, in practice, only the first method works so far, because financial and credit organizations have not yet been connected either to the ESIA system or to the bases of state structures (Tax Service, Pension Fund, etc.).

    To pass the full identification, you need confirmation of passport data and TIN. It will allow transactions from 15 to 600 thousand rubles. Financial transactions worth more than 600 thousand rubles. subject to control by Rosfinmonitoring.

    When carrying out cash transactions in the amount of up to 15 thousand rubles. identification is not required at all.

    The Ministry of Communications assures that to confirm personal data for financial transactions worth more than 15 thousand rubles, users will not need to enter personal information, it will be enough to specify a password from the public services website, after which the ESIA will compare the details from the personal account of the public services system with payment information agent. However, the password will not be tied to these clients.

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