About the scientific mouths of programmers

Hello. Following the footsteps of the post on cyber military , I would like to tell the people about the scientific mouths of programmers. There is some information on the Internet on this subject, but I decided to write this article to dot (almost all) over i.

I want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that I am not an official representative of the Ministry of Defense. Therefore, all the information you find here may be inaccurate or inaccurate.

I learned about the scientific mouths of programmers at the beginning of July this year, however, non-news sites enlightened me on this issue. The fact is that in my university, just at that time, a meeting of students with representatives of the Ministry of Defense (initiated by the latter) took place. Actually, I would like to share the content of this particular conversation with the inhabitants of the habr.

A few days before the arrival of the delegation, relevant information appeared on the faculty website. I, as a lover of military equipment, became curious, and I decided to come. Quite a few people came to the meeting, which is easily explained by the time of the meeting - most of the guys have already managed to leave. As a result, we got ten people. The ministry was represented by two people in the form of the Navy: one of them introduced himself as rear admiral, and I did not remember the title of the second (or did not recognize). We asked questions most of the conversation, and the military answered them, so I will try to do the same.

Why are scientific companies of programmers created?
In short, the country's leadership decided to make up for our lag in information technology from other countries (such as the United States). In particular, one of the projects is the transfer of the activities of ministries on a digital basis and the creation of a certain network of its own to connect all nodes of the country's governance. The project is very large-scale, and, as I understand it, is primarily intended to improve the country's defense capabilities. Rear Admiral, for example, compared it to the creation of the atomic bomb of the USSR.

Why now?
And so it happened. As rumors and gossip: there is information that a few days before this conversation the president held a meeting, as a result of which a decision was made to create scientific companies.

Who is taken into the scientific companies of programmers?
First of all, these are university graduates and undergraduates (I'm not sure about graduate students). Theoretically, the one who completed the third year in the summer can also sign up, but then he will have to provide some kind of recommendation from the supervisor, saying that he is also not a fool. Interestingly, the possibility of participation of citizens of other states in this project is allowed. This primarily concerns Belarus as a union state.

What will they do in these companies?
It’s worth mentioning right away that participation in this project means military service. Accordingly, if a person has not served, then this is a great chance to combine business with pleasure.
Will have to be engaged primarily in scientific activities. Those. first you will take the young fighter’s course, take the oath, and then you will begin to do directly what it was all about. No one will be forced to run on the parade ground in boots and engage in cleaning toilets. In fact, you will go to work as a regular civilian, but at the same time you will be a military man.

Take everyone?
No, not all.
Firstly, there is a strict selection. I don’t know the exact numbers, but out of a huge number of people (several thousand people), only a few hundred will be taken into companies. The selection will take into account both scientific preparation and interest.
Secondly, a person should be elementary for service. Those. persons over 27 years are unlikely to be taken, and minimal physical preparation is necessary. By the way, there are some problems with those who studied at the time in the military department. This is due to the fact that such a person already has a rank (reserve lieutenant, if I am not mistaken), and scientific companies can be regarded as an appeal for military service.
But all problems can be solved, especially if a person has a desire (Rear Admiral said that all this can be reviewed).

Recruit only programmers?
No, they are recruiting a variety of specialists, even psychologists. I suppose, for example, that among the tasks to be solved will be modeling and forecasting of the geopolitical situation, so that many people will find a place.

How long will the service last?
The service will last a year. The first month you go through the KMB, after which you take the oath. For the next two months, you will be looking for ways to solve the problem you are given. If your path suits the supervisor (he will be assigned to you already at the place of service), then you can begin to complete the task, and report on the work done every next month.

And what will happen if I fail / I do not want?
If something doesn’t work out for you, then you can always turn to a scientist. In any case, they will not be punished for this =) If, however, you express an unwillingness to continue scientific activity for the good of the Motherland, you will probably just be sent to another part to serve already regular military service. At the same time, the choice of the part remains with the bosses. Thus, if all is well, then you’ll be in the locker room, but if there have been cases of misconduct, then they can send you to hell and to some extent worse.

What are the conditions at the duty station?
They promised that everything will be on the level. Not luxury, of course, but you won’t live in the barracks either. Actually, due to housing problems, the number of mouths recruited decreased.

Do I have a wife / children?
These problems were also called solvable. If you have already managed to get a wife, then, probably, she will also be provided with housing. I can’t say anything about children.
In general, judging by what the representatives of the Ministry of Defense said, one could understand that they were ready to solve the problems of scientists. The main thing is that the latter do their work diligently.

What about secrecy?
The level of tolerance will allow traveling abroad. You can also discuss some things with your friends, but, of course, all this will be regulated.

What will it be for me?
It is hardly necessary to count on some kind of monetary reward, but they promised some bonuses (yes, yes, everything is foggy).

When is it necessary to give an answer?
At that time, for making a decision, the doubters had only half a day, from the strength of the day. The military regretted that there was no more time for reflection, but it happened. Received an order and began to execute.

Will there be more sets in scientific companies?
It is not known. This is an experiment, and what results it will bring is not clear. Depending on these same results, the next year the set can be either increased or completely removed.

Well, that’s all the questions that I remembered.
If you have your own questions, then ask them in the comments - I'll try to answer.
In conclusion, I can say that I consider this an excellent option. If I met the criteria, I myself would be happy to sign up. Where else will they propose to do what they love for the good of the Motherland, and even to serve in the army?

UPD : I found the following words in the comments on the post about cyber troops :
A comment
This year I graduated from the magistracy of St. Petersburg NRU ITMO with a degree in information security. Of course, the question has become to serve or not to serve. Literally 2 days before the end of the spring draft - July 13 (draft until July 15). Some general came to ITMO, who was responsible precisely for recruiting these “legendary” cyber-military forces. There was something like an open day. I myself could not attend because worked, but that's what they told me.

Master's program at NRU ITMO KTiU For the
attention of those who:
1. Can program.
2. Suitable (limited) for military service.
3. Did not pass the military department.
4. He wants to work for a year in Moscow at the Ministry of Defense, and this will be counted as an urgent service

Can I find out the details of this program somewhere? Is there any kind of zp there? What languages ​​and technology do you need to know? How is the problem with living in Moscow solved? Will it be a 40 hour work week or is it like an urgent service?

German Krimmel
Sergey, housing is provided by min. defense (as I understand it is something like a barracks), salary is the monetary allowance of a soldier. In fact, this is a military service, but instead of digging trenches and drill, you go to work. They say you can’t even wear a uniform and don’t shave your head. But there everything is still not clear what and how - tomorrow there will only be a directive, which will be regulated by the service. Like that.

After that, he wrote in a letter to the Ministry of Defense. I’ve been waiting for an answer for the 3rd week already. As the answer is sure to share information. Along the way, I'm going to find out through friends involved in the draft. It just seems to me that the vacancies at the Ministry of Defense and cyber military are slightly different things.

This is, in fact, in confirmation of the fact that no one will chase there.

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