Yandex crippling: hurdles in finding work and employees through MyKrug

    MyKrug user agreement says:

    > "Employers have the opportunity to post full-time vacancies on My Circle."

    At the same time, the same agreement says:

    > A vacancy before publication can be edited by a moderator if: [....] it contains contact information;

    Attempts to indicate your contact address in the job description ended with the phrase "... please send your detailed resume to job@*******.com" turned into "... please send your detailed resume to the address." - the moderator (person) just cut the e-mail from the text.

    Thus, a “full-fledged” vacancy turns into a semi-finished product: instead of receiving resumes of applicants on a working e-mail, only information about the responses of candidates who are interested in the vacancy will come to your personal mailbox. And already in correspondence through MyKrug with the candidate you need to ask him to send a detailed resume and contact information (phone) to our address - because the vast majority of people on MyKrug do not design their page as a resume, and of course - people's contacts are hidden for all users who are not members in the "1st circle".

    All this is very inconvenient - the number of necessary actions for both the candidate and the representative of the employer must be increased at least twice. Accordingly, it increases at times and time during which a normal resume finally reaches the head (who themselves rarely do primary search).

    This is one of the cases when stupid rules complicate the lives of many people, instead of contributing to the efficient process of finding employees and their employment.

    At the same time, it is technically pure to make the responses of candidates go through MyKrug (which, apparently, he is seeking) is quite simple. For example, to allow the user to store in addition to their MyKrugovsky profile a doc file with a detailed summary (as on GoogleDocs) - where projects, applied technologies, skills, etc. are already indicated. - and the representative of the employer, having received the response of the candidate, also receives a link to this file.
    However, any IT specialist and other ways to solve the problem will be able to come up with Yandex would have a desire to implement them in Moikrug ...

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