The Ministry of Communications is lobbying for the allocation of 10 billion rubles to support Russian software developers

    To support Russian companies developing domestic software, about 10 billion rubles a year must be allocated annually. This was announced by Nikolai Nikiforov, the head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, to a  TASS correspondent in Yaroslavl at the second all-Russian children's forum “Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia” .

    “This is the volume that is being discussed today. It is another matter what the correct source should be, whether it should be connected with additional taxes and fees or not, what should be the rules for granting subsidies. This is such a big discussion that we, together with the industry, are just leading today. There should be no harsh emotional decisions, ”the minister said.

    The head of the Ministry of Communications predicts that modern domestic software, capable of becoming an alternative to foreign analogues, but not replacing it, will appear in Russia in the next five years. We are talking about specific software products - database management systems, mobile and computer operating systems, server operating systems, work with office applications. “We will not make government databases or an operating system. In no case! Let the companies themselves do it, the state’s task is to support these companies, ”the minister explains.

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    Can the Russian Federation create software in 5 years that can become an alternative to foreign analogues?

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