Mandatory transfer of personal data of users of foreign services to Russia is postponed

    As you probably heard, the law obliging to store and process personal data of Russians on the territory of the country has already been passed, now the second reading has approved the postponement of its effective date: from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2015. However, this does not mean that after three months everything will change. Good news was brought by the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov: it turns out that officials are simply not ready yet. Vedomosti quotes the Minister:

    This law implies a fairly wide sub-legislative regulatory framework. And within the framework of its departments, it is just to determine what information under what circumstances in which systems should be specifically stored and processed, including on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    - simply put, the adopted law will still require by-laws clarifying all the details that the ministry will develop. And there are possible options. So, according to the minister, personal data posted, for example, on Twitter and Facebook, can be recognized as “insensitive” for users. Such information, he said, could be stored abroad.

    The development of all regulations, according to experts, will take at least a year. Plus, time for the preparation of technical capacities by companies that have to comply with this law.

    Despite the fact that this is in principle good news from the point of view of privacy, the question arises of the economic and in general sense of what is happening: the implementation of the law was stalled in the most disadvantageous place for Russian Internet business. You are probably aware that a number of sites, including Habrahabr, have already been obliged to store user data for six months. In the case of Habr, according to deniskin , this will require a million rubles for additional server capacity. It turns out that the domestic Internet business will pay an increase in costs, but at the same time, Russian hosting companies, already rubbing their hands in anticipation of data arrays from Western services, will not receive them, Facebook and Twitter will not spend a dime, and the notorious security, for which everything seemed to be fine turns a locked door in the middle of a clean field - anonymousterrorists, drug dealers etc. they will continue to discuss insidious plans in personal Facebook messages and mockingly exchange tweets, knowing that the domestic Themis without the ability to physically seize the server will not reach them. The question arises: is there any sense in what is happening?


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