Another blow to the Russian segment of the Internet

    Kommersant writes about the potential impossibility of hosting DNS servers for .ru and .rf domains outside of Russia.


    A quote reflecting the meaning of the article:

    in Russia it is necessary to forcibly introduce three levels of data transmission networks: local, regional, all-Russian. Next - to ban the connection of regional and local data networks to foreign ones. It is proposed that all traffic of regional and local operators be transmitted only through networks of all-Russian operators. At all levels of all data transmission networks, content filtering is introduced, as well as a ban on the placement of .RU and .РФ domain DNS servers outside of Russia. In addition, the working group proposes to deprive the Coordination Center for .RU and .РФ domains, which develops the rules for registering domain names in .RU and .РФ zones, and delegate its functions to the authorized federal executive body.

    What are you going to do,% username%?

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