The petition against bill No. 428884-6 became available on the website of the Russian Public Initiative

    Bill No. 428884-6 is part of the so-called “anti-terrorism bills”.

    It has a lot of “funny” amendments that have already been discussed on the Habr.

    On the ROI website, there is a petition against this bill .

    If the bill itself is difficult to read, then you can read the explanatory note to it.

    From the moment this petition was written, this “wonderful” bill was overgrown with new, but no less “funny” amendments (for example, for bloggers).

    The petition refers to two main points of this bill:

    “Article 10.   Obligations of the organizer of dissemination of information on the Internet.

    2. The organizer of dissemination of information on the Internet is obliged to notify the federal executive body that exercises control and supervision functions in the field of mass media and mass communications in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation. , information technology and communications, on the start of the activities referred to in part 1 of this article.

    3. The organizer of the distribution of information on the Internet is obliged to store information on the facts of the reception, transmission, delivery and (or) processing of voice information, written text, images, sounds or other electronic messages from Internet users on the territory of the Russian Federation and information about these users within six months from the date of completion of such actions, as well as provide the specified information to authorized state bodies engaged in operational-search activities five or security of the Russian Federation, in the cases established by federal laws.

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