The official position of Rostelecom regarding blocking sites

    Rostelecom in late June published its official position on blocking sites. As I understand it, no one paid much attention to this, but in vain. I quote beautiful words:

    Rostelecom does not have the technical ability to block specific Internet pages that contain information recognized as prohibited. Access to the banned site is blocked by its IP address. Moreover, one IP-address may belong not only to the resources falling under the court decision.

    Rostelecom is forced to execute a court decision literally, as a result of which the entire Internet resource is blocked for users, and not just a page with illegal material. For this reason, it is possible to block resources that do not contain illegal materials.

    Any allegations of Rostelecom exceeding its authority or exceeding the limits of prescribed court decisions when blocking access to Internet resources are incorrect and damage the Company's imageand.

    So, in short, then Rostelecom reports the following:
    “We have crooked hands, we can’t work normally, and we don’t really want to. But if someone will criticize us for this, then we may well begin to sue for damage to the image of the company. ” It seems that work in state monopolies completely corrodes the brain if such texts are sent for publication in the media.

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