Osiris: A Decentralized Forum (Part 2)

    This is what the habrahabr forum on the Osiris network looks like.

    In the first part it was told about what the Osiris network is, about network security and the basic principles of operation.

    In this part you will learn:
    - How to attach files to the Osiris network
    - What is Isis
    - How to read a forum without installing the Osirs client
    - Internal rating system in anarchy mode
    - Integration of Osiris and I2P

    How to attach files to the Osiris network

    Attaching a file to the Osiris network is quite simple.

    To do this, you must:
    Please note (!) The maximum size of the downloaded file is limited to 128 kilobytes.

    Open the assistant.

    Go to edit mode.

    Choose the option to upload files.

    Choose the desired file and indicate its name.

    Copy its BB code.

    Insert the BB code in the place where we want to see the file you selected


    As a result, we uploaded the picture to the Osiris network and it is available to all forum subscribers.

    What is Isis

    But not all network users want to install any software, and some may not be able to do it. And do not forget about mobile devices that are not supported by the Osiris network.

    To solve these problems, you can use the web gateway from the Osiris network to the regular Internet.

    To provide normal access (via the web) to your Osiris forum, you will need to: either find the already installed Isis gateway, or install your own.

    To install it, you need a web server with php support of at least 5. * version. no database required.

    An example of a working Isis gate
    The habrahabr forum on the Osiris network is available there

    Anarchy internal rating system

    In the first part, I already talked about the differences between the regime of Anarchy and the Monarchy when creating the forum.

    But let's take a closer look at the Anarchy regime.
    In this mode there are no administrators and moderators, the forum is moderated on the basis of a general vote.
    Each user has an internal rating (analogue of karma) if the rating is high - trust in the user is high, if it is low - no one sees the user's changes.

    Here the principle of wikipedia is preserved, everyone can edit other people's posts and even change the structure of the forum! (add and remove sections, topics, forums, under forums)

    But any edit can be either accepted or canceled by voting.

    Here the Bitcoin network rule applies - if at least 51% of users are sane and vote for the correct edits and not for vandalism - the forum will live.

    Integration of Osiris and I2P

    There are two ways to integrate these two networks:
    1) Make an Isis gate in the i2p network
    2) Configure proxy access to the Osiris node in the I2P network

    . In both cases, you will have up-to-date data, because the i2p network has access to the external Internet, then and the changes will be synchronized.

    If you are again interested in the Osiris 3-part network, you can read about:

    - Installation and configuration of Isis, subtleties
    - Integration of Isis and Osiris
    - How to make a distributed torrent forum on the Osiris network
    - A detailed network map and principles of the distributed database

    And once again a link to Isis Gateway

    Official website: http : //www.osiris-sps.org/download/
    Download Isis: http://www.osiris-sps.org/repository/isis0.14.zip

    Osiris: Decentralized Forum (Part 1)

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