Internet censorship in Russia? Take a look at Tajikistan!

    I understand that despite the severity of the issue with a self-aware bill, we are all a little tired of the amount of information about it. On this wave, by the way, our close neighbors from Tajikistan “pleased”.

    Tajik authorities have decided to deal with the identification of "slanderers" on the Internet. Yesterday, a special commission was created in the country, which will monitor the material on the network that is libelous and offensive.

    “On the Internet, often commenting on this or that material, users make obscene words with respect to persons known in the republic, insult them in every possible way, engage in slanderous activities,” Bega Zukhurov, Head of the Tajik Communications Service, told reporters.

    The purpose of the announced campaign is to identify the identities of “purposefully dousing worthy people with mud”. According to the head of the Communication Service, several such persons have already been identified: "this is a narrow circle of people who are on the Internet under different pseudonyms, or nicknames." According to well-known Tajik oppositionist and journalist Dodojon Atovulloev, Tajik authorities have been fighting the Internet for a long time. Such sites as, CentrAsia were closed for users of the country, and they blocked access to facebook.

    Oppositionist said: The fight against the Internet is connected with the upcoming presidential elections in Tajikistan, which will be held in 2013. Naturally, the Internet is the only free platform where people can speak out. But, unfortunately, even they want to completely control the Internet. Suppose there is a page on Facebook, and if one of my friends likes some quotes from other opposition-minded people, they immediately write to these people in a personal message: be careful, we know where your family is, where you live, you You will be responsible for all.

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