3-personal income tax for sources of income from outside the Russian Federation

    Hello everybody.

    This blog entry is useful to those who receive income not only at their main job, but also receive money from abroad by bank transfers, which means that they must pay taxes on these incomes. Consider here the case of paying taxes by an individual at a rate of 13%. The issue of mandatory tax payments is not considered, see the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

    To do this correctly, you will need:

    1. The 3-NDFL filling program from the tax service. You can take it on the website of the Federal Tax Service, here .

    2. Certificate from the main work on income for the past year, 2-PIT.

    3. Statement from the bank account to which the money was transferred. The certificate should be for the period of the last year, but not necessarily at the end: the period may end in the present. The bank seal on the statement is VERY desirable, but, as I was given to understand, is optional.

    4. A photocopy of the passport of the Russian Federation, 2-3rd pages, as well as all pages with stamps on registration and removal from it (5-12, excluding blank).

    So, in the program you need to do the following:

    and then the following:

    After that, on the button "Income received in the Russian Federation" you just need to rewrite all the information from all 2-personal income tax that you have, be sure to indicate the amount of tax withheld. You don’t want to pay tax a second time?

    It is clear that filling out the "Information about the declarant" is also necessary.

    The program, unfortunately, is written crookedly, and therefore it works stably, but only on Russian-language operating systems of the Windows family (in English instead of Russian text, there are questions, and an incomprehensible error occurs when printing due to the same questions).

    After filling out the questionnaire, you can print it directly from the program, but save it to something decent - no. Remember that you cannot drill a declaration with a stapler - if you damage the barcode, the declaration will not be accepted.

    As soon as the documents are on hand, we go to our tax office and submit documents, so soon. The deadline is April 30, and the closer to this date, the longer the line. So far, there are no queues at all. Upon arrival at the tax office, they will give you a form in which it will be necessary to write down what papers and how much you submit (photocopy of passport, 3 pages, 2-personal income tax, 1 page, etc.). Upon delivery you will be told that you need to wait for a receipt, or simply pay by looking at the details on the tax website. You need to pay by July 15.

    There are two alternatives to this adventure:

    1. Sending all the same, only by mail. For the above documents, you need to make an inventory of them (2 pieces) and assure by mail. The service is free!

    2. Submit electronically. To do this, you need an account on the state portal. services. I’ll tell you about this in a year, if no one shares their experience, because I don’t feel like going to the tax authorities again.

    PS To all this, the program can make and count deductions - but this is a very voluminous topic, to which I will return. I can only say that the funds spent on treating yourself, your spouse or children, their education, funds for the purchase of apartments and other real estate can be returned - this is called a deduction.

    Good night to you!

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