The head of the Bureau of Special Technical Events of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposed to abolish anonymity on the Internet

    The head of the Bureau of Special Technical Events of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (which includes, for example, the K department) - police major general Alexei Moshkov - gave an interview to Rossiiskaya Gazeta and announced this opinion: participants in various forums, communications and discussions on social networks and chat rooms should refuse anonymity and not hide behind nicknames. Often, it is thanks to the lack of identity that there appears a sense of impunity, and with it the temptation to offend someone, to harm someone , or even to commit a crime.

    As usual, Moshkov mentioned extremism, prostitution of minors, Manezhnaya Square, events in England, DDoS attacks, the sale of stolen bank details, fraud, blackmail, extortion, and child pornography.

    Well, here he is not the first but not the last.

    But my lively interest was aroused by the following phrase of Moshkov:

    - If you are an honest, law-abiding person, why hide? Let me remind you that there is no censorship on the Internet, and the K department will not search for and arrest anyone for criticism .

    (End of quote.)

    After reading this phrase, I could hardly resist a drawn-out hysterical giggle. Whether this Major General really knows how easily and naturally these days disappears when it is necessary, every line between the prosecution for criticism and the arrest under Article 282 for inciting hatred, hatred and hostility towards a social group. Take at least the police themselves, the former police. For example, in 2010, in Ryazan, against the journalists of the newspaper Vechernyaya Ryazan, who wrote a critical article about the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, hadn't a criminal case been opened for "inciting hatred against police officers"? And before that, it was still the business of blogger Savva Terentyev ...

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