Russian Observer, under pressure from law enforcement agencies, introduces pre-moderation of comments on articles

    Old-timers of Habrahabr remember, of course, the official written warning of Roskomnadzor that took place ≈ a year ago to the APN website, the admins of which did not respond to an email demanding to remove some comment from the site within 24 hours ([ 1 ], [ 2 ]). Since several such warnings by law are enough to close the media, then (in 2010), the APN website chose to completely disable commenting on articles.

    ≈year has passed, and now another online publication - "Russian Browser" - tellsthat they were phoned from Petrovka and requested data from users who left aggressive (“extremist”) comments on one record six months ago, and one of the employees of the RO was called into a conversation with E.

    Porazmysliv over where this trend might to start, and not wanting to become an organ informant in the future, in Russky Obozrevatel they cut down the “RO forum system” until they came up with and introduced clear rules for the moderation of comments.

    So the police forces once again prevailed over freedom of expression, and the consequences affected even those readers who behaved moderately.

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