Mulve service creators arrested to download music from VKontakte

    Last month, a new Mulve service (abbreviated from Music Love) was launched, which allows you to download music from Vkontakte. In Russia it was not heard of him, the service was hosted in the UK and was aimed at foreign users. The site simply indexed the “contact” music database and allowed users to download files from there. Despite the fact that as such information was not hosted on it, it was closed at the request of the RIAA, and its creators were arrested.

    Opening in September, the service worked for a bit, after which it fell down, unable to withstand the load. After some time, he returned to duty in order to later disappear again due to a lawsuit from the RIAA .

    At the moment, the creators of the site arrested in Britain cannot give their comments, but, according to, the arrested people simply cannot be charged with, since Mulve was just a search engine. The site did not store music on its servers, did not organize data based on user requests. All he did was pull music from Contact servers located in Russia.

    It is worth noting that in addition to Mulve from similar services, there is a free iPhone application “Vkontakte music”, as well as the simple player and its analogues known to us. It is also interesting that the arrested guy was not directly involved in the coding of the service, he was the creator of the video clip (probably this one ), which served as the reason for the arrest.

    Also in a previous article, torrentfreak writes that the formal reason for initiating the case was that part of the site was hosted on the American hosting Hostgator. Which part is not clear.


    For a snack - a small timeline from Twitter guys:
    • May 21, 2010 - the official start of the service
    • summer - promotion
    • September 24 - falls due to congestion, service processing
    • September 25 - a new start of the service, the appearance of a video clip
    • October 8 - closing the site at the request of the RIAA

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