First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation considers the Internet the most extremist media

    [Heil Internet! ...]Speaking yesterday at a meeting of the Joint Commission on National Policy and Relations between the State and Religious Associations under the Federation Council, Alexander Fedorov (First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation) made many interesting assessments about the Internet. Or (as is likely) the same question it differently transmit a variety of network media. Judge for yourself.

    “This resource is most actively used among all the media to propagate extremist ideas,” the deputy minister reports to RBC .

    - ... it is generally accepted that the Internet is the main distributor of the most radical and extremist ideas, - quotes the business newspaper "Sight" referring to "Interfax".

    [CRT in shackles behind bars]- The Internet has become the main place of the spread of radical extremist materials, - GZT.RU .

    It is also interesting to compare the illustrations that the network media supply with this news: leads a neo-Nazi against the backdrop of the scenery for the film “Hackers”, a Kasparov Internet newspaper  - an old CRT in shackles behind bars, and so on.

    Mythological consciousness, full of primitive characters, reaching the caricatured grotesque.

    These people - up there - seem to be ready to denounce and regulate the Internet, not knowing it and not seeking to know it seriously.

    More truly, they even say that they judge the right of the people to freedom of speech, which (by a logical coincidence) is most simply realized through the global information network.

    This is what is unpleasant.

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