Fascinating adventures of parcels in Russia

    In the wake of the rays of pono ... hatred towards the Russian Post, I decided to tell my little story.

    One coldly December evening, I accidentally went to the official website of the Simon's Cat animated series - the girl really liked them. Having discovered that you can buy a book about this eternally hungry cat, also in a Russian store, I decided to add it to the list of New Year's gifts. I went to the website of the online store , registered, selected a couple of nice New Year's cards in addition to the book, and sent an order for, as it turned out later, symbolic 404 rubles.

    I was glad that on the same day, on Sunday, the store employee wrote, I clarified a couple of points and confirmed the order (yes, I was warned about the speed of delivery, but I still decided to take a chance).
    Next, we follow the tracking data of the Russian Post (the page of which is very unsuccessfully moved to the new version of the site - I spent a lot of time searching for it): December 21 . The parcel arrived at the MOSCOW 207 OPS. December 28th . I came to the sorting center of my city. On the 29th , I ran to my post office to find out if she had come. Did not come. December, 31st

    . Immediately after the test went to the post office. I decided that in three days, I really should have time to get from one end of the city to the other, and I really wanted to catch it by the new year. They said that so far there is nothing in my last name.

    Here I did not rush things and decided to calmly wait for notification. So, having not expected anything by mid-January , he went again and once again heard that nothing had come. There was no time to sort it out - the session, and for exceeding the maximum delivery time, as I understand it, one could demand compensation in the amount of 3% of the declared value of the shipment.

    January 28 , having gone on vacation and never received a single notice, the first thing I went to find out about my parcel. Of course, she never appeared.

    1st of February. I wrote a statement asking to find my parcel. They promised to solve the problem within a month.

    Periodically looking at tracking numbers 9 or 10noticed that the parcel went back to the addressee after the expiration of the storage period. I went to my liaison office to find out how it was - there was a package, but they didn’t give me any notifications or during my personal visit. According to the employee’s story, I understood the following: the statement stimulated employees to look for the parcel more diligently, and she was not in the place where all the items were waiting for the recipients. And when her searches began, one of the workers, not knowing this story, sent the parcel back, since it lay already longer than it should be. They asked me if I needed her, and if she still hadn't had time to leave, I could send a request for her return. I agreed.
    A little later, in response to my statement, a letter of the following content came:
    The audit found that the parcel [...] sent on 12/21/09 was returned on 02/08/10 to the return address.
    On 15.02.10, a letter was sent to the place of reception [...] on her return to your address

    March 1 , as can be seen on the tracking, the parcel was handed to the sender. I did not receive any more news from the post office.

    So, not through my fault, I did not receive the shipment transmitted using the “ Russian Post ”. Neither did he receive any official apology or any other information. And the matter is not even in this book, in its place there could have been something much more important - documents, private correspondence, etc., but in how easily such a company can score all its obligations. I just recovered, the other day I’ll go to find out if I can count on anything else in this unpleasant story. What would you do / advise you to do?

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