Our Russia: education is free, but you have to pay for admission

    In the educational building of a certain institute they are going to include turnstiles delivered six months ago. Judging by the verbal description of the acquaintance, in this institution of the student, RFID cards are needed for the passage . And you have to pay for these cards. Institute. Pay, they say, is not necessary, but if you do not pay, you will not receive a card. Accordingly, you can’t get into pairs. Here is such a free education :)

    The question arises: does anyone (institution, employer) have the right to demand money for an RFID card, which is necessary for access to the place of study or work?

    UPD: It became clear that there is a lot of such arbitrariness throughout the country, but people are afraid to do something because of the fear of being expelled. Can anyone suggest effective ways to combat the described behavior of the university without risk to students?

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