Police major Dymovsky, who had previously approached Putin via YouTube, has now been taken into custody and taken to a pre-trial detention center

    [Dymovsky’s appeal to Putin]Aleksey Aleksandrovich Dymovsky, as the NEWSru.com news site recalls , in November 2009 made a statement on YouTube ([ 1 ], [ 2 ]), in which he accused the leadership of the Novorossiysk police department of numerous abuses. Dymovsky sought a meeting with Prime Minister Putin (unsuccessfully) and announced his intention to relocate to Moscow.

    In response to the accusations, Dymovsky was dismissed from the internal affairs bodies, he was accused of defamation and misappropriation of funds that he received for operational needs, and negligent handling of information for official use. It was alleged that Dymovsky had appropriated about 27 thousand rubles in four years of service, which had been allocated to conduct operational-search measures; the former major himself responded to this, which can documentarily confirm that all this money was spent on test purchases and other events that incriminate drug dealers.

    At first, the defendant was on his own recognizance, but yesterday (by decision of the Primorsky District Court of Novorossiysk) he was taken into custody and imprisoned. The site name Dymovskiy (dymovsky.name) povedyvayutthat the lawyer considers the major’s detention on Friday night to be specially tuned, for example, so as not to put the defendant on allowance and receive transfers for him throughout the weekend, and also points to a number of excesses committed in the court.

    I also recommend the authors of recent addresses and open letters to Medvedev to think deeply about a fate that invariably awaits all truth seekers in our long-suffering Fatherland.

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