Pirate discs - in Russian supermarkets

    A big scandal erupted around illegal business, which was engaged in the largest retail chains "The Seventh Continent", "Kopeyka" and "Pyaterochka". Directly in trading floors they placed kiosks with pirated disks, they write “Vedomosti”.

    The scandal was raised by the Russian Anti-Piracy Organization (RAPO), whose activists raided Moscow supermarkets ( report in PDF ). 19 pirate outlets were found in Seventh Continent stores, 23 outlets in Kopeyka stores, and 27 outlets in Pyaterochka stores. Formally, these points do not belong to the store, but they are leased to pirates.

    According to experts, a point in a well-located supermarket sells at least 100 discs per day at an average disc price of 150 rubles. That is, only 69 points found brought about $ 13 million per year.

    Retailers are required to drive pirates out into the street.

    In order for the country to know its heroes, here is a list of anti-piracy organizations that conducted this action, indicating the companies whose interests they represent. This is a screenshot from the email at the link above.

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