Google judged for non-issuance of user data

    Rocky Mountain Bank of Wyoming (USA) has sued Google, demanding the issuance of personal information about one Gmail user. The fact is that the bank mistakenly sent confidential data about its customers to the address of this user. 1325 legal entities and individuals were compromised, and in the submitted files were their names, addresses, UNN and social insurance numbers, as well as a full credit dossier for each of them.

    How the statement of claim is written ( PDF), the incident occurred in August 2009, and one of the bank employees is to blame for this. Responding to a letter from one of the bank's clients, he attached absolutely secret documents to the letter, and then also sent them to the wrong address. The employee immediately discovered the error and "tried to withdraw the letter", but to no avail.

    Bank employees quickly contacted Google and spoke about their problem with a request to ensure data confidentiality (that is, delete the sent letter), but the owners of the mail service refused. Then the bank employees sent another letter to the same address asking the unknown recipient to delete the previous message without opening it, and also call the bank, but they still did not receive a response. Then they asked Google to provide the person’s name and phone number to contact him directly, but Google replied that the disclosure of this information was contrary to the rules for using the Gmail email service. Rocky Mountain Bank decided to sue. He also asked the judge to leave the case closed so as not to raise a panic among the bank's customers, but the court did not satisfy this request, so that all documents on the case have already been made public.

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