Google, Microsoft, Amazon have entered into confidential transactions with the developer AdBlock Plus

    According to RBC , citing a publication in the Financial Times, a number of major international corporations, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Taboola, have entered into confidential transactions with Eyeo, which is developing the popular browser extension AdBlock Plus, which blocks ads.

    According to the developer, the extension for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers has been installed more than 300 million times, and more than 50 million people actively use the tool to block unwanted advertising messages. Apparently, the main sellers of contextual and display advertising on the Internet, whose market is estimated at $ 120 billion according to 2014 data, are seriously concerned about the problem of blocking ads in users' browsers.

    Confidential contracts, the amount and cost of services for which are not disclosed, are most likely aimed at inclusion in the so-called "White list" (white list) of all mentioned sellers of advertising. Thus, the AdBlock Plus extension will not be able to continue to block advertising messages related to these providers. Not so long ago, according to users, the extension stopped working in the Bing search engine owned by Microsoft.

    German media holdings RTL and ProSiebenSat.1 have already filed lawsuits against Eyeo, seeking redress, and French publishers are planning to join them. According to the developers of AdBlock Plus themselves: "only sites that meet certain criteria are allowed in the allowed advertising program, including:" no distortion of the advertising message "".

    How much does it cost to “unlock” is unknown. An unnamed representative of one of the organizations that "cooperate" with Eyeo, said that the requested fee for inclusion in the "white list" is 30% of advertising revenue from impressions and clicks on blocks blocked by the AdBlock Plus extension.

    PageFair and Adobe annually collect statistics on users of extensions blocking unwanted ads, and over the last year alone the number of their users in the world has increased by 70% and now has 144 million active users.

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