The digest of Russian programs for supporting IT startups # 3

    In today's issue of the digest, we will talk about Russian technology parks. Technoparks are one of the important elements of the modern venture ecosystem. The popularity of technology parks in recent years has declined with the advent of many trendy Western formats to support innovation. Nevertheless, the leaders of technology parks and IT parks throughout Russia are striving to ensure the success of their residents and create the most comfortable and favorable conditions for them.

    We talked with representatives of a number of domestic technology parks and IT parks about how such organizations differ from each other, how they attract residents and what projects they select.

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    In this issue:

    Technopark “Strogino” (Moscow)
    OJSC “Technopark Slava” (Moscow)
    Technopark “Sarov” (Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region)
    Technopark “Caliber” (Moscow)
    Krasnodar IT-park (Krasnodar)
    Technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley” (Tolyatti, Samara)

    In addition, we managed to talk with Andrei Shpilenko (director of the Association of Technology Parks in the field of high technologies) and ask a few questions about the current state and prospects of technology parks in Russia.

    How could you assess the general state of the technology park sphere at the all-Russian level? Is there a positive trend in terms of the availability of such organizations in the regions?

    The condition is sad. Only a small number of technology parks have all the necessary infrastructure and programs aimed at the placement and creation of high-tech companies. This state of affairs is due to the fact that until recently in Russia there were no legal documents regulating the activities of technology parks, their functions and tasks. Many ministries in one form or another tried to support the development of the conductive infrastructure, but these were not coordinated actions, but local ones, which did not allow building an effective mechanism for introducing scientific and technological research into the economy.

    Could you single out certain qualities of the leading technology parks in the country that are worth paying attention to similar organizations?

    Positive dynamics are observed, it lies in the fact that some officials finally figured out what a technology park is and what the main task of a technology park management company is not to lease premises or land, but to provide a full cycle of services for the development of new companies. Technopark is not a business project in the traditional sense of the word that provides cash inflow for the regional budget in a short time, but a mechanism that promotes the creation and development of new companies. Its result is the number of created high-tech companies, the number of jobs, an increase in the tax base.

    I hope that after the creation of the regulatory framework for the innovation infrastructure and the development of a common conceptual framework, the governors will be forced to decide on the dismantling of their "Potemkin villages" and begin to create truly effective technology parks.

    Today there are leaders in the movement of technology parks: first of all, it is the Novosibirsk Academpark, the technology park of Mordovia, the Khanty-Mansiysk technology park. These technology parks have all the necessary infrastructure and programs to reduce costs in the implementation of projects. A distinctive feature of these technology parks is that they were able to create a complete system combining elements of innovative infrastructure that functionally support projects at every stage of the life cycle from idea to production.

    What is the main challenge for technology business support institutions today? Could you offer your vision of possible solutions?

    The main challenge for innovation support institutions is the need to overcome disunity, developing clear, understandable rules and norms for each stage of supporting innovative startups. There should be no gaps in the commercialization chain. After all, if you carefully analyze the path from an idea to a product, you can see that support institutions are most willing to work at the sales stage, and few are willing to work at the stage of R&D, experimental production. At the same time, the main problem is not even the lack of money, but the multidimensional activity of ministries, departments, development institutions, which are obliged to contribute to the development of an innovative economy.

    Our questions to technology park representatives

    1. What is the profile of your technology park? Are there any features from the point of view of the approach to the selection of projects that distinguish it (technopark) from other similar organizations?

    Sergey Teplov, General Director of KP Technopark “Strogino”
    Technopark "Strogino" has a universal specialization, however, mainly companies that implement projects in the field of information technology, medicine, biotechnology, and instrumentation are located on the territory. Because The technopark was created by the Moscow Government, the project selection process has several stages: the initial selection of projects, the Expert Council, the Competition Commission.

    Expert advice allows a more detailed assessment of the project from the point of view of practical implementation and feasibility regarding market conditions. Expert and mentoring support is provided free of charge. Experts are chosen in such a way that, in addition to theoretical knowledge, they also have professional practical knowledge on the topic of the project and can quickly evaluate the project and give comprehensive recommendations on the profile of the company.

    The competitive commission, which includes representatives of the Moscow Government, makes a decision based on the results of an expert opinion. The Technopark has developed its own mechanism and selection criteria for projects, which allows you to immediately assess the prospects for the development of the project, identify existing problems and outline ways to resolve them.

    Ksenia Temnikova, Development Director of Technopark Slava OJSC
    OJSC “Technopark Slava” is an object of the innovation infrastructure of the city of Moscow. Functionally, the property complex of the technological park is adapted to accommodate enterprises engaged in research and development and development, which have created their own production (for this there are the necessary energy resources, water, etc.). Today, more than 60 high-tech enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses engaged in development and production in the following areas are located in the technopark:

    • energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy security;
    • nanotechnology and nanomaterials;
    • biomedical technologies, pharmacology, medical equipment and materials;
    • mechatronics and robotics;
    • information and communication technologies;
    • analytical equipment and control equipment.

    On the territory of the technology park, import substitution programs and projects are being implemented. A number of enterprises have high export potential.

    Evdokia Rukavishnikova, Advisor to the General Director of Sarov Technopark
    The main areas of technological specialization of Sarov Technopark are information technology; laser; energy efficient technologies; sensors and automation; materials and coatings.

    The technological specialization of Sarov Technopark was not chosen by chance. It focuses on the scientific and personnel potential of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center-VNIIEF, which is located near the Technopark. The resource of highly qualified specialists of VNIIEF is actively involved in the creation of new innovative projects in the Technopark. And the projects themselves often "grow out" of individual technological solutions of the institute and the Sistema JSFC group of companies.

    However, companies of completely different directions appear among Technopark residents: for example, in the summer of this year, the KinoAtis-Sarov film branch KinoAtis, which is widely known for its animated films Squirrel and Strelka, opened its branch in the Technopark Sarov. Company executives chose Sarov Technopark because they have everything that is needed to create modern cartoons using computer technology.

    Alexey Rhodes, Head of Technopark OJSC Caliber
    Our technology park creates conditions for the development of enterprises in the field of: multimedia technologies, information and telecommunication technologies, technologies in the field of instrumentation and measuring instruments.

    Anton Ishchenko, Head of the Krasnodar IT Park
    Software, web services, mobile applications, robotics, the Internet of things, medical technology, big data analysis, energy saving and electric transport are the main areas of which we are glad to see residents on our site and to whom we provide support. In most areas, there are intersections with the direction of specialist training at universities.

    Inna Lazareva, marketer of the technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”
    The Zhigulevskaya Valley technology park in high technology has five areas of specialization, which have been identified in accordance with the priority areas for the development of the country's economy, as well as taking into account the historical regional clusters. These are: information and telecommunication technologies, transport and space development, energy efficiency and energy saving, chemistry and the development of materials with new properties, biotechnology and medicine. Almost half of our residents implement IT projects - 59 out of 143

    projects. We have developed a multi-stage system for selecting residents' projects. At the first stage, the projects of the applicants are selected by the specialists of the management company according to two criteria: compliance with one of the areas of the technology park and the novelty of the claimed development.

    At the stage of preliminary examination, the scientific component of the declared project of the applicant, its innovativeness and the possibility of commercialization are evaluated. Experts at this stage are scientists - representatives of leading universities and research centers of the Samara region, Moscow and St. Petersburg, who specialize specifically in the subject of the announced project. Based on the results of their assessment, a preliminary opinion is formed for each application.

    At the final stage, the project of the applicant with a preliminary conclusion and evaluation is submitted to the Expert Council of the Technopark, which is headed by Alexander Kobenko, Vice Governor, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Investment of the Samara Region. Board members decide to grant resident status to the applicant.

    We believe that this is precisely the selection scheme for residents that allows us to concentrate on the Zhiguli Valley site the most breakthrough and economically successful innovative and high-tech projects.

    2. Is your industrial park connected with any universities, is it possible to get to you directly with your project from the study bench?

    Sergey Teplov, General Director of KP Technopark “Strogino”
    The technopark interacts with such universities as MGIMO, HSE, MIIT. Employees of the Technopark assist start-up companies and young entrepreneurs at any stage of the development of the project from the idea to entering the market.

    Ksenia Temnikova, Development Director of Technopark Slava OJSC
    Technopark Slava actively collaborates with leading Moscow universities, such as Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov National Research Technological University “MISiS”, Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman and others. For example, currently there is a measurement of the sizes of nanoparticles and the thickness of nanolayers for the chemical faculty of Moscow State University. Managers and employees of a number of innovative companies teach at leading technical universities. As already noted, the territory of the technology park hosts mainly innovative companies that have already created their own production.

    Evdokia Rukavishnikova, Advisor to the General Director of Sarov Technopark
    Technopark "Sarov" collaborates with NSTU. Alekseeva, MEPhI, SarPTI NRNU MEPhI. If we are talking about students, then most likely such a project can claim to be a resident of the Sarov Technopark Business Incubator, in which startups on a competitive basis receive the right to preferential rental of premises and all necessary consulting assistance in organizing the business processes of the project.

    Today, the Technopark is actively engaged in educational, informational and design activities. The business incubator earned only last year, but 22 startups are already working in it. A large block of events in the Technopark is associated with educational projects for schoolchildren and students. In particular, we are undergoing specialized shifts to prepare schoolchildren for the All-Russian Olympiads in physics and mathematics, and programming.

    Last summer, in the Technological Park “Sarov” the VII Summer School for Parallel Programming “Game Development” was held for students in grades 7-10; At the end of last year, we hosted the XVIII International Mathematics Tournament for High School Students “Cup of Memory of A. N. Kolmogorov”, in which more than 200 children from all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Yakutsk took part; during the winter school holidays of 2015, the Sarov Technopark held a Physics and Mathematics Festival for students in grades 7-11, in which children participated in the Qualifying round of the All-Russian Engineering Olympiad for schoolchildren.

    Each such event is accompanied by lectures, excursions, free communication of students with residents of the Technopark. This instills a taste for innovation and provides an opportunity to understand what they are doing in technology parks.

    Alexey Rhodes, Head of Technopark OJSC Caliber
    Technopark "Caliber" collaborates with the Innovation Center of the Higher School of Economics in order to develop a marketing strategy for the development of the Technopark and attract innovative companies.

    Anton Ishchenko, Head of the Krasnodar IT Park
    The participation of students in the activities of the Krasnodar IT-park is quite intense, and we are actively developing this area. This includes the participation of students in organizing events, and the attachment of students to residents of the technology park for practical training. The most active students are hired.

    For groups of university students, we hold introductory familiarization meetings with residents of the Krasnodar IT park, and many profile events are held at the site, where students participate. We are extremely positive about working on our own project while studying, moreover, we believe that this is the only right way for a student to become a professional in his field and be in demand in the market.

    Inna Lazareva, marketer of the technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”
    Of course, we work closely with universities. Moreover, we believe that without this kind of interaction, a technopark simply cannot exist and develop, because by its very essence, a high-tech park is not just an infrastructure platform, but an environment for implementing innovative developments, the experts in the assessment of which are primarily representatives of the scientific community. Universities themselves often act as “donors” of projects for an industrial park. In this regard, even at the stage of construction of the technopark facilities, the managing company signed partnership agreements with leading regional universities, and this list is constantly updated.

    As for the possibility of entering the technopark “directly from the study bench”, there are no restrictions. The stage of project development is important. For children with interesting, but unformed ideas, who at this stage are not able to correctly position the future project for consumers and investors, a business incubation program is in place in Zhiguli Valley. Based on the results of the program, startup teams should get all the necessary skills and competencies for the commercialization of their projects, learn how to develop a business plan and prepare to further attract investment in their project. The Zhigulevskaya Valley business incubation program is designed for a year, after which successful startups will be able to obtain the status of residents of the Zhigulevskaya Valley technology park.

    Another area of ​​partnership with universities is cooperation within the framework of the Technopark Training and Personnel Development Center: the base departments of the International Market Institute, the Volga State University of Service, the Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics were created on the Zhiguli Valley site.

    3. What opportunities do you provide to residents? Are there any separate elements of the technology park infrastructure or features in the services you provide that you would like to mention?

    Sergey Teplov, General Director of KP Technopark “Strogino”
    The business incubator of the technopark provides premises at a reduced rental rate, equipped with everything necessary for starting a business. Technopark "Strogino" provides a wide range of services on basic business issues. Also in 2014, new structural units were created: coworking and HackLab for microelectronics, which expand the list of services offered by the technology park and offer different formats of work.

    Ksenia Temnikova, Development Director of Technopark Slava OJSC
    The infrastructure of the Technological Park Slava includes the Business Center, which provides services for public events, and the Technology Center for collective use. Our residents and third-party customers are provided with modern equipment and devices for rent. Specialists of the TCCP conduct research and provide consulting services in the direction of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials.

    From the experience of our technology park, it can be noted that often small Russian technology companies do not have enough funds to buy expensive instruments and equipment that are important for the development of innovative products. Companies cannot afford to purchase equipment worth several million rubles. Therefore, the Technological Park Slava created a Technology Center for collective use, equipped with all necessary equipment for scientific research, research and quality control. Thus, having spent just a few thousand rubles on measurements at the Technological Park Technological Park Glory, the company can receive income from the creation of new products for several million rubles.

    In addition, you can get legal services, economic and marketing consultations, assistance in drawing up business plans, staffing and informational support at the Slava Technopark.

    Evdokia Rukavishnikova, Advisor to the General Director of Sarov Technopark
    Technopark “Sarov” offers residents a range of services: rental of premises from 11 m2, 24/7 operation, round-the-clock security and access control, broadband, information support, printing, publishing and advertising services, hotel, cleaning services.

    Residents of the Sarov Technopark Business Incubator, together with the right to preferential leases, have the opportunity to conduct project reviews, receive advice on creating a business plan, attracting investors, help in organizing business meetings and finding business contacts, and the opportunity to attend training seminars and management trainings business, consult on issues of attracting venture financing, get assistance in choosing regional and federal programs to support small businesses, information support.

    Alexey Rhodes, Head of Technopark OJSC Caliber
    We represent the interests of residents at the municipal and federal levels: DNPiP, CIR, GBU Small business in Moscow, development institutions, giving the opportunity to gain access to new markets. Using our relationships with other companies, technology parks, resident companies get the opportunity to use unique equipment for the design and manufacture of their products.

    At the initial stage of creating the technology park, where we are now, the high quality of the traditional services provided and convenient location are our distinguishing features.

    Inna Lazareva, marketer of the technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”
    In addition to providing preferential accommodation in office, laboratory and industrial buildings, the Zhigulevskaya Dolina technopark assists in the promotion of projects, raising funds, finding potential customers and customers, and information support.

    As part of the work of the Center for Training and Development of the Technological Park's Human Resources, systematic workshops, seminars, courses and practices are held for residents in the framework of training programs in various areas.
    As part of the Collective Use Center, residents of the park have access to unique, expensive equipment from the nanotechnology laboratory. The Center is also equipped with modern equipment for the Regional Center for Engineering of the Automotive Cluster of the Samara Region, which occupies a special place in the structure of the technopark and provides services for the design and prototyping of new and modernized products.

    Also in the Zhiguli Valley, the first state-owned Coworking Center “FUTUROOM Z-valley” was opened, which will become the main platform for the implementation of various educational events and programs aimed at popularizing entrepreneurship and innovation among young people, and where a youth business community will be formed the city of Togliatti and the entire Samara region.

    4. Do you conduct events at the request of residents? If so, on what subjects are they particularly popular?

    Sergey Teplov, General Director of KP Technopark “Strogino”
    Events are held regularly and on topics that are of interest to Technopark companies. As a rule, these are topics that are related to the protection of intellectual property, access to international markets and the search for partners, opportunities for attracting financing and existing measures of state and infrastructural support for starting a business.

    Evdokia Rukavishnikova, Advisor to the General Director of Sarov Technopark
    Technopark "Sarov" is trying to take into account the interests and requests of its residents. As a rule, such events are educational in nature.

    In particular, the Technopark hosts programs for beginning entrepreneurs, professional growth programs, discussion platforms, round tables, and trainings, which are held in partnership with FPI RVC, the Euro-Info-Consulting Center (Nizhny Novgorod), the Ministry of Support and Development Small Business of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, ANO "Center for the Development of the Sarov Innovation Cluster".

    In addition, the Technopark has become a reference platform for the North-West Development Center for conducting practical consulting sessions on the development of small high-tech companies and engineering centers.

    Ksenia Temnikova, Development Director of Technopark Slava OJSC
    The topics of the event are varied. Of interest to innovative companies are topics related to registration of intellectual property rights in Russia and abroad, transfer and commercialization of technologies, attraction of investments, guarantee support options, preparation of business plans and financial models, features of presenting high-tech projects at presentation sessions, forums , exhibitions, etc. Along with this, topics related to entering foreign markets and developing export potential are of some interest. la.

    Inna Lazareva, marketer of the technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”
    Despite the fact that the Zhigulevskaya Dolina technopark was fully launched at the end of 2014 (the technopark officially opened on December 28), a number of events have already been held at its site at the request of existing residents. It is difficult to single out any specific topic, especially of interest to our residents.

    We also select events that may be useful to our residents, and most of them enthusiastically participate in them. So, last year the management company held: a road show of the Russian Startup Tour development institutes (together with Skolkovo), a two-day intensive development of the SUMIT WarmUP business model, designed for projects at the earliest stages, Demo Day ”of the first acceleration program“ StartupSamara Business Catalyst ”, the general partner of which was RVC, a video conference with the Skolkovo technology park and many other events.

    5. What do you think is lacking for small Russian technology companies in order to become successful in the chosen field? How can your technology park help business in this matter?

    Sergey Teplov, General Director of KP Technopark “Strogino”
    Russian technology companies lack government programs aimed at supporting and promoting domestic products on the market. It will also be useful to expand import substitution programs, the procurement of domestic innovative products, and programs to gain access to financial resources.

    Ksenia Temnikova, Development Director of Technopark Slava OJSC
    Technology companies generally lack resources. Companies located on the territory of the Technopark Slava have the opportunity to obtain the status of a resident of the technology park and at the same time a set of additional opportunities for business development (for example, more opportunities for obtaining financing, entering markets, including the market of the city of Moscow, training programs, working with by the media).

    It is important to note that companies are significantly expanding the possibilities of presenting their developments and technologies within the framework of presentation sessions of innovative projects, participation in forums and exhibitions both in Moscow and abroad, including international exhibitions (for example, HANNOVER MESSE).

    It is important to note that at the technopark site technology companies are in close interaction with each other, which allows them to reduce costs, optimize logistics, find new business partners, etc. Technology companies feel a synergistic effect from the interaction.

    One of the main tasks of the technopark is to create a modern innovation ecosystem, to promote the commercialization of developments and technologies, the development of export potential, and international cooperation in the field of innovation.

    Evdokia Rukavishnikova, Advisor to the General Director of Sarov Technopark
    As a rule, small innovative companies lack experience in reformulating an idea into a project, in positioning a project, and in understanding how to choose business partners and how to interact with investors. Often the problem of companies is the lack of investment (venture) managers in the team to implement all of the above.

    There are other problems. For example, the restrictions that exist in funds (development institutions): according to the project stage, according to the amount of maximum investment, in the areas of investment; difficulties in finding a co-investor in the project.

    The personnel of the Sarov Technopark can qualitatively and professionally help in solving all these problems. And in this he sees his main task in the formation of his project package.

    Alexey Rhodes, Head of Technopark OJSC Caliber
    Small Russian technology companies lack access to information regarding the market demand for their products. Information on state and municipal support programs.

    Inna Lazareva, marketer of the technopark “Zhigulevskaya Valley”
    When communicating with potential residents, the problem of finding an investor is especially noteworthy. At the same time, representatives of the investment community complain about the lack of interesting innovative projects. In our opinion, the problem of most developers in solving this problem is that they cannot present their project in the right perspective - so as to interest a potential investor.

    Technopark, through joint events, training and attracting mentors, is ready to help find common ground between the developer of an innovative project and a potential investor.

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