AdminVK - monitoring your own VKontakte groups for new events using push notifications

Do you have a VKontakte community? Does it happen that someone wrote a negative comment, offended someone, or simply wrote a review about your company or a question that needs to be answered quickly? We at PushAll have written a microservice that allows you to receive notifications of various events in your communities. The fact is that Vkontakte recently rolled out the Callback API for communities , and we decided to use it, wrapping it from the API in the format of push notifications.

If you are too lazy to read and want to use immediately - AdminVK (completely free, unlimited number of connected groups and communities)

How to use it?

You just need to subscribe to the microservice channel and follow the instructions.

You write down the address of the microservice in a special section in the settings of your group, and in the settings of the microservice enter the code that you need on VKontakte to check. You must also go through authorization through OAuth VK so that the microservice can receive user data - avatars and names.

After that, you will receive all the notifications that you specify in the "Event Types" section.

You must understand that not all event types are supported yet:
  • Messages
  • Comments
  • Posts
  • Logout / Community Login
  • Discussions

These types come with an avatar and the username of the user who initiated the event, with the name of the event and the event itself.

The remaining types, at the moment, come in the form of an "Unsupported notification" and transmit all the JSON that Vkontakte gives. Within a week they will be completed.

Where do notifications come from?

For those who don’t know where PushAll sends notifications:
  • Android app
  • Chrome add-on with history
  • Web push in chrome (Android + PC), Yandex browser, vivaldi, firefox, Safari
  • Telegram bot
  • Email
  • iOS (beta)

Coverage of devices and connectivity will continue to increase.


Vkontakte came up thoroughly to security - the script receives only the data that you specify, while there is no access to control. Giving access to the API, which is necessary for avatars and usernames, only requires offline permission, while the user’s email is not even requested.


Microservice is completely free. You can connect several communities if you specify the same microservice address, while changing the verification code in the microservice settings each time. That is, you can connect an unlimited number of groups to receive notifications.

At the same time, there is now no filtering - that is, everything that you specify in the VK will come to you in push. In the future, it is parsed:
  • Make it possible to transfer JSON to another script, that is, you can use AdminVK as a proxy, receive notifications, and transfer the request further to your analytics collection script or somewhere else
  • Make it possible to specify trusted user IDs and user IDs that should receive notifications. Those. you will be able to share, as an administrator, your push for your moderators
  • Filter by words. For example, to receive not all pushies, but only those that contain the names of certain brands - on the one hand, mentioning the brand is not a reason for the ban, but here it depends on the context
  • Distribution of notifications between moderators, i.e. based on the second punt, it will be possible to evenly distribute incoming notifications to reduce the burden on people

Why do we need this?

In essence, this is a “proof-of-concept”, that is, this microservice was created to show how you can use the capabilities of PushAll for small notification-related services. For example, it took me about 1 hour to write the entire microservice to be ready to work in the form of the first alpha, while in fact the standard PushAll API is used and anyone can also write their own microservice that can send users notifications about various events on many platforms.

This is only the first microservice of many that we will do later.

For those who have read to the end, I remind you of the subscription link: AdminVK


Added support for photos, video, audio, messages. Wherever needed, either previews or user avatars are shown, the one who posted the content shows, and when clicked, the links lead to the content itself. Moreover, it turned out that VKontakte can give a direct link to audio, when you switch to it, it immediately plays (is this generally legal? :))

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