DartUP: the first Russian-language conference on Dart and Flutter on December 1 in St. Petersburg

    Sometimes it seems that the development of the IT community is very harmed by skepticism and arrogance. We decided to organize an event where there definitely won't be a place. There will be no talk about the fact that one technology is better than another, and the popularity of a language is a sign of its universality and quality.

    We quietly, comfortably talk about Dart and Flutter, if it is interesting, write the code, drink some delicious craft beer brewed specifically for this occasion, listen to the funk from vinyl to the afterparty and try to learn something new about the development - regardless of the technical background of each from U.S.

    DartUP conference, on the first day of winter, in St. Petersburg, in the art space “Weavers”. Login is free, registration is required.

    The DartUP conference has grown from annual local meetings and thanks to the Ru-Dart community, it has matured to a large-scale event supported by Google and Wrike.

    The program consists of reports from speakers from Google, Wrike, Odnoklassniki, Mail.ru, JetBrains, among which will be the developers of the language Dart and Flutter. Most speakers will come to St. Petersburg from other cities and countries. An interactive zone will also be organized, where you can ask a question to experts, make an improvised performance for 5 minutes, and even try to write something yourself on a dart or flutter - come with laptops.

    Currently, the list of speakers looks like this (but the program will be supplemented):

    • Zviad Kardava , Google - FLUTTER AS IS
    • Thomas Burkhart , independent developer - RxDart: Taming the beast
    • Dmitry Makhnev , Odnoklassniki - “Dangerous type”: DART against all
    • Alexey Zolotykh , Wrike - Alice in JS. How dart lives in a browser
    • Michael Fairhurst , Google - AngularDart Analyzer
    • Maxim Ryzhikov , JetBrains - Tests like CITIREN FIRST-CLASS in Flutter
    • Alexey Perelygin , Mail.ru - Golden Architecture Flutter
    • Maxim Grebenshchikov , Wrike - PUZZLERS strikes back
    • Alexey Danilevsky , AFC - FULL STACK in Dart. Practical techniques
    • Yevgeny Saturov , SurfStudio - WORKSHOP: Flutter in 2 hours
    • Evgeni Kot , Wrike - Secret Report.

    We expect from the conference a homely atmosphere and extremely positive emotions. It's nice to see that our small community grows and matures and that more and more projects on Dart and Flutter appear in production.

    And we also expect everyone to visit, let alone those who have not heard anything about Dart or even do not like him in absentia (considers dead, marginal, exotic - to underline) - we will try to change your attitude to the language!

    On the afterparty - according to tradition - specially crafted for the conference craft beer Wrike & Dart.

    FAQ: Dart is not dead (second version of the language was released); flutter is already used by large companies in production; Dart allows you to reuse the code on the back of the front and mobile phones; Dart is good for those who want to go to the front and cell phones and do not like JS (OOP + strict typification).

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    • 66.6% I can not come 16

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