C ++ Russia 2016 to ++ 5


Hello friends! As stated , on February 26-27, a community conference was held under the name C ++ Russia 2016. The event was held on the banks of the Neva River in the walls, halls and halls of the Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya Hotel.

What is there and how? Forward - under the cut!


The flagship Russia C ++ - of course, speakers and reports (notebooks and hanging out by itself, but still ...). This time the program part has quantitatively grown in comparison with Moscow 2015 - it turned out 2 days, 3 tracks, 25 reports. The program was extremely diverse in topics:

  • started with a fascinating story from Gor Nishanov (Coroutines)
  • English lessons were recalled in guest lectures by Joel Falcou (Boost.SIMD), Kirk Shoop (Reactive programming), Dori Exterman (Parallel computing strategy)
  • studied different things from grated speakers Alexander Fokin (Reflection) and Dmitry Nesteruk (Patterns)
  • listened to insider information from Anton Polukhin (Boost)
  • played baseball with pitcher Mikhail Matrosov (Casual C ++)
  • as well as much, much, much more

Presentation slides are uploaded, the video was aired just the other day - watch, study, rejoice!

It was possible to have a snack in a good portion of communication with fellow vocation, of whom about 400 people gathered, as well as with speakers and company representatives at the stands, since the hotel space and coffee allowed.

From the business were Kaspersky Lab, JetBrains, Artec 3D, ProgramPro, Luxsoft and Yandex. The teams at the stands were pleased with communication, chips and goodies, and also tried to load the brain bursting from information with Olympiad programming!


On the eve of the conference, home events in St. Petersburg offices were organized by JetBrains and Yandex.

JetBrains gathered people at the JetBrains C ++ night party . Here you could talk about the company's product line directly with the developers, a mini-insider, after all. JetBrains also introduced variations on Resharper, CLion, and HPC reports.

Yandex, in turn, held a talk show What is happening in C ++ , inviting foreign guests to the C ++ Russia conference for a conversation. They talked for a long time and interestingly. A lot and optimistic ( oh ) about C ++ 17, about modules and coroutines, about modules and concepts, about modules and bad macros, and much more of course.

The aperitif was very high quality. Thanks to the companies for their healthy events, it was interesting to drive the teas at Yandex office)

So, he’s the result

The real C ++ marathon was given by Peter in the last days of winter. It seems that C ++ in our country is loved, appreciated and known (a little bit). And to show ourselves, to see others, to get to know, to communicate, to learn something, to look at the masters of their craft, at the people who make libraries and language, create competencies and skills, share finds and tricks - all this was made possible by a well-organized C + con + Russia. For all this, we have a community of caring programmers and companies. Hurrah!

On the other hand, bringing in excellent speakers from around the world - it turns out - is very real. Gor Nishanov, in my opinion, became a conference star - both in the report, and in open communication, and in the Russian language. And Joel Falcou, judging by the functions and sources of Boost.SIMD, is conspiring with the dark forces of metaprogramming. Well, not every day you see how Dori Exterman tells in the hallway how IncrediBuild is damn hard to implement and why the company is not afraid of the appearance of modules in C ++.

Thanks to the organizers and participants - it was great! sermp , thanks for the work, thanks for the community!

What's next?

The plans ahead are to take Kazan with a community meeting, take Siberia with a conference.

In the comments we share our impressions, ask questions, answer answers and all that.

PS For all mistakes, shortcomings, re-counts, insults and insults in the post, everyone is responsible, but not the author (here are some tricks you can dig in books on algorithms)!

PPS C ++ in the Urals! If you are, respond, organize and become active! So far, the region falls outside the geography of the active C ++ community.

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