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    At the beginning of this year, we experimentally launched a new type of accounts on Megamozg and Giktims - read & comment: it allows users registered in read only mode to comment on new publications and thus take an active part in the community, earn a reputation and communicate together. Obviously, the appearance of R & C accounts on Habré was a matter of time. And now, this time has finally come!

    Yes, from now on, any user who has a read only account on Habré can receive the Read & Comment (R&C) status, that is, he can comment on any publication for which the vote has not yet expired. Like on our other sites, some restrictions necessary to maintain the order will be applied here:

    • Comments undergo rather strict moderation (tougher than on GT and MM) and appear only with the approval of the author of the publication or the site moderators;

    • After the approval of the first comment, the user receives the R&C status, and all subsequent comments on the same publication appear immediately, without moderation;

    • 10 approved comments in ten different publications provide an opportunity to comment without pre-moderation in any publications with an unexpired term of voting (there were 5 comments on MM and GT, now also 10 );

    • The R&C user, along with the possibility of commenting, has karma and rating, but he himself cannot vote for publications, comments and karma until his karma reaches the required value;

    • R&C users are fully covered by all resource rules . Do not forget about spelling and punctuation;

    • You can vote for the karma of an R&C user only in the negative (by the way, any account that has received an invitation not for publication, but just like that has the same property);

    • An R&C user can receive an invitation from one of the users: either directly or by writing a good publication in the Sandbox ;

    • Receiving an invitation removes all restrictions and upgrades the R & C account to a full one.

    An important point! As in the case of MM and GT, each comment left by the R&C user can be approved or rejected - the choice is made by the author of the publication under which this comment is left, or by the site moderators. We hope that the authors will be objective and fair and will reject comments only if they violate the rules of the site, are illiterate written or do not carry a useful semantic load ("Thank you", "Interesting", etc.).

    Read and comment!

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