Webinar "Test environment 2.0 in the cloud and how to learn how to prepare them"

    Creating test environments and managing them often becomes a headache, even if you are already using cloud technologies.

    Today, November 1 at 17:00 (Moscow time) at the webinar about the test environment in the cloud, we will tell you how to prepare them correctly.

    Any software development company needs test environments to ensure the quality of its products. This is relevant both for SaaS solutions providers, and for system integrators and companies specializing in packaged software, which have several hundred test environments.

    However, creating test environments and managing them becomes a headache due to poor automation, sub-optimal utilization and high cost, even if you are already using cloud technologies.

    At the webinar you will learn:
    • How to achieve better utilization and reduce TCO, even when you need to support more than 100 test environments.
    • How to optimize the management of dev- and test-environments, while relieving system administrators.
    • What to do if you do not have expertise in deploying specific test environments: for example, sandboxes for big data.
    • How to reduce the time to get a complete test environment from 2-3 months to several days.
    • How to get the most out of using DevOps- and Infrastructure as a Code-based tools for managing test environments.
    • А также, как получить готовые строительные блоки, значительно ускоряющие создание тестовых окружений.

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