Google has agreed to remove from the search banned sites in the Russian Federation

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Source: esquire

Google Inc. has agreed to remove from the search results links to sites banned in the Russian Federation, as Vedomosti writes . We are talking about those resources that are listed in Roskomnadzor. Among them are sites that contain calls for extremism, suicide propaganda, pirated resources.

From 2017, search engines are required to remove from their search results links to sites that are on the Roskomnadzor registry. According to the rules, search services must connect to the Roskomnadzor registry in order to obtain information about the resources that have been blocked. However, Google until 2019 did not filter the search in accordance with these standards.

Officially, search filtering in Russia is not commented on by either Google or Roskomnadzor. Nevertheless, representatives of the department informally confirm the fact that links are deleted by the search engine. True, not all links are deleted, but most of them are filtered. The share of such links reaches 70%.

A source close to Google Inc. confirms the initial stage of removing links from the registry. It is worth noting that the removal procedure is not automatic. The company first examines the grounds according to which various resources are considered prohibited. Google did not connect to the Roskomnadzor registry. But the corporation has agreed with the agency that it sends an updated list of prohibited resources every day.

Representatives of Roskomnadzor confirm this, pointing out that the fact of deleting links is important, not connecting to the registry.

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