DevFest SPB 18

    Hello! November is coming , which means there are very few of DevFest to be held in St. Petersburg on the 27th! If you are still in doubt, spend this Tuesday at work or listen to cool reports and chat with like-minded people - we ask under the cat.

    This year we made a focus not only on Android, but we also identified a separate track for the Web and a little more. But let's start with Android.

    Android track

    The first on our list will be the speaker, which many may remember from last year’s keyout, Google Developer Royi Benyossef . This year he will tell about the eternal war of reverse and protection.

    In the report of Roy, even the name is memorable:

    Reverse reverse engineering engineering.

    It may seem that there is nothing to talk about here, because we have full control over the system and the application, which means that the hacker is in a deliberately advantageous position. However, this does not make the topic of hacking and protection against it (more precisely, its complication) less interesting. A swarm will tell you firsthand how various hacking tools work, how to protect yourself and understand that you are being attacked. We wait!

    After we move on to more familiar and high-level things, our Android Team Lead Kostya Tskhovrebov will talk about how to use the full power of the new MotionLayout to build beautiful complex animations. By the way, last year's DevFest already had a report on animation in Android.

    And the topic of the report:

    Found. Had seen. Gash.

    And of course, Kostya will also tell us about the problems (as without them), which he encountered while using this component, and how to avoid them.

    From Alexander Efremenkov from Yandex.Taxi we have already got used to hearing interesting reports on the system and on low-level details. This time, Sasha will talk about the differences between D8 / R8 and DX / Proguard.

    Actually, the report is called:

    D8 / R8 vs DX / Proguard

    Not so long ago, a new compiler appeared in Android - D8 (Dope 8), and also R8 - replacement of Proguard. In his report, Sasha will try to understand these updates, as well as compare and understand how D8 compiles against the good old DX, why did the second ProGuard, and how stable it works.

    After lunch, we turn to the practice and technical topics. The first report will be devoted to working offline, let's talk about this with our Android developer Ruslan Kalbaev .

    Support offline in a mobile application. Synchronization.

    Offline support in a mobile application is a non-trivial task, the solution of which allows you to bring the product to a qualitatively new level. The report will present the theoretical part of the problem and one of its practical solutions.

    Of course, one of the trends in 2018 is performance, so we could not get around this topic. Artur Vasilov from Yandex will share the experience of non-standard optimizations for the speed of launching and operating an Android application.

    How we accelerate Yandex for Android

    Many Android developers know standard application profiling methods, debugging tools and performance improvements. However, for large applications this is not always enough. Let's talk about non-standard ways to speed up the application, we will touch on how to UI, and tools and near server things.

    We'll keep one more slot secret. Follow the following announcements)

    Track Web and more

    We at the conference will not have a report about the fashionable now Flutter, but there is something more abruptly! Evgeny Kot with a report about Dart 2.

    Dart: The Second Coming

    Eugene and his team at Wrike in four years wrote about 1kk lines of code on Dart, so he definitely has something to share. Moreover, his team was the first to use this language in production development. What has changed over the years in language, technology and the world that you need to listen to this report? This is what the Cat will tell.

    Immediately take a break in the discussion of Web development, because Laura Morinigo comes from Argentina to St. Petersburg (at this moment we are tired of counting the number of Google Developer Expert at our festival) with a report on IoT and Firebase.

    IOT with Cloud Functions from Firebase and Google Assistant

    Laura will talk about how the Internet of things in technological terms can be integrated into everyday life. Google provides everything needed for this - an assistant for voice control, Firebase and its Cloud Functions for communicating devices. How to combine all this so that it becomes a kind of smart home, Laura will tell!

    Let's return to the Web, although this report will be useful to everyone. Doug Sillars , who, by the way, has a lot of experience in Android, will talk about techniques of image and video optimizations.

    Delivering Fast and Beautiful Images and Video

    Based on his experience, Doug will talk about how the pictures affect the speed of the site loading (they usually take up ~ 50% of the size of the loaded site), and will give a pack of tips on how to deal with the problems that arise. Of course, do not forget to talk about various techniques for improving the performance of video playback.

    Our following speakers did not share the details of the reports, but in this case the experience speaks for itself.

    Tanay Pant from Mozilla (by the way, the author of the popular work Learning Web-based Virtual Reality ). At DevFest SPB 18 will make a presentation

    Multiplayer games with WebXR

    We are waiting for the details!


    We are discussing the last details and are also waiting for Dora Militaru from the Financial Times.

    As in the Android track, we’ll keep one slot secret.

    Do not forget that conferences are not only and not so much reports as a large concentration of developers, each with their own interesting experience - come to meet and communicate. And we will do everything to DevFest SPB 18 passed at the highest level!

    Buy tickets and join us on November 27th!

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