Open Android StudyJams courses throughout Russia

    Hello, Habr! The market is sorely lacking in young, talented and ambitious mobile developers, so for the second year in a row we have been conducting free Android StudyJams courses for everyone who wants to get acquainted with Android development. Support for the educational program, which covers more than 300 cities around the world, is carried out by the Google Developers Group community.

    If last year you missed this event by the ears, then today each of you has a chance to participate in free training courses on developing mobile applications for the Android platform.

    StudyJams 2015 and work on bugs

    Last year, courses were held only in Moscow, but even so, more than 500 applications were submitted. As a result, we selected about 70 people, 15 of them successfully defended their final projects and received certificates.

    The 2015 course was based on this Udacity program . Unfortunately, newcomers rated it as complicated and too big. In part, they are right: this course covers a wide range of different aspects of development, including those that are frankly optional to know at the initial stages of programming for Android. In addition, the course itself required a lot of knowledge at the start: students needed Java, an understanding of OOP, and experience with SQL.

    Given the hype surrounding the training program, we decided to take into account last year’s experience and expand the program to include the main geographical areas from which applications came.

    In 2016, Android StudyJams will be held in nine cities of Russia: Vladivostok, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Perm and Rostov-on-Don!

    This year’s course is much simpler: it is designed for people first introduced to Java, for whom the words “polymorphism”, “inheritance”, “encapsulation” mean nothing. Nevertheless, in one day of an offline course in your city and a couple of weeks of hard work online, you can create your own application for ordering coffee! Or by calculating the trajectory and time of the appearance of the ISS in the night sky. Or something else interesting, imagination and perseverance would be enough.

    This course can also be useful for web developers who have decided to master the world of mobile development: modern patterns, development tools and universal unification will allow applying the existing knowledge to writing Android applications.

    What is required of the student?

    Android development professionals will help you master the course materials: active GDG members and experienced developers from various Russian companies.

    In the new program, we tried to cover most of the aspects of mobile development, reduce complexity and make the courses more universal than last year. At the same time, Android StudyJams still requires the student to be diligent and willing to intensively analyze new material, but believe me, it's worth it!

    Having successfully completed the training course, you will be able to create mobile applications for solving a huge number of tasks: from a calculator for the trajectory of ballistic missiles to your social network (which will 100% win facebook: D). As a pleasant bonus for completing all stages of the online course and listening to the course offline, you will receive an appropriate certificate that you can brag to the employer.

    The requirements for students are simple: knowledge of English at least at the level of reading technical documentation, a desire to get acquainted with the development of mobile applications. Well, of course, the experience of owning a modern smartphone is desirable, although in 2016 it is difficult to find a person who is interested in development and does not have smart devices.


    We would be happy to educate everyone, but the vile laws of physics do not allow us to accept an infinite number of students in one room, so we had to limit the number of students. So if you are burning with the desire to master writing programs for OS Android - hurry to sign up for courses while there are free places. We will consider your application and send an email with additional information. Please note that for some events the venue is still being specified - all information will be updated via the links below.

    Attention: Before starting the course, we recommend registering on the Udacity portal . This will allow you to get a certificate of successful completion of the course, in addition, registration for Udacity can be useful to you in case of force majeure. Even if you do not attend full-time classes, you can always participate in them virtually! See you at the courses!

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